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Keith Southall

Port Stephens NSW

Artist Keith Southall’s art works are eclectic in nature deriving ideas, style and technique from a broad range of sources. He explores subjects through mixed media including acrylic, gouache, pencil and print. His particular passion lies in bringing the Australian landscape to life through the use of vivid colour and abstract thought.

Artworks: 33

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About Keith Southall

Throughout my life, I have drawn inspiration from the wonders of nature and, specifically, its complexity, colour, diversity and fragility. Born in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, I was fortunate to spend long days at the beach and harbour, absorbing the sights, smells and tastes of our wonderful marine environment. Family holidays were spent at other coastal locations where life was lived at a gentler, slower pace and where the colours of sea, forest and farmlands left a lasting impression on me as well as a deep longing to return to these locations. During long days fishing on lakes and rivers, I became mesmerized by the visions of farmland and forest reflected in still waters. My love of the Australian landscape was further conditioned during visits to my uncle’s farm at Tenterfield where rolling fields (and forests) of green could so quickly be scarred by drought or bushfire.

I am currently enjoying retirement in another coastal location (Port Stephens) and spending my free time exploring my passion for art. My art subjects may be real or maybe mythical, but all are drawn from my life experiences, senses and the colours that are firmly entrenched in my mind and soul. These experiences and colours are everywhere in your own lives – just slow down, open your eyes and look.

My art is unique. It is layered, commencing with a digital outline followed by the infusion of Gouacheacrylic, pencil and/or charcoal to provide vibrant colour and texture.

I hope you enjoy my work.


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