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Looking for a unique gift, memory or investment?

Have you considered commissioning an artwork?

Commissioning an artist to create an artwork especially for you has never been easier,…..and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Artist: AMICA

Request a completely new piece or use an existing piece of art as inspiration. We have artists that can help create what you want, in the size you need.


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Art That is as Unique as You – Commission an Artwork from Art Lovers Australia

 Art Lovers Australia is one of the most comprehensive and successful online galleries in the world. With over 10,000 curated pieces of art from over 500 artists available, if you are looking to buy art from a local emerging artist then we have something for you.

However, if you are looking for something completely unique then you might want to commission a portrait. Our artists have their own specialities, themes, media, and styles – so if an artist resonates with you and you want to commission an artwork unique to you, we can help make that happen.

Art Lovers Australia want to be a cornerstone of Australian art, and as part of that we offer you the opportunity to contact any artist to commission a painting just for you.

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Our Favourite Commission Artists

Art is subjective, and we know that choosing an artist is as much about personal taste as it is an investment. We have artists that work in all media, from pencil and charcoal to watercolour and acrylic, sculpture and found art, street art to portraiture. We are confident that you will find the right artist to commission an artwork from in our extensive gallery – but here are a few of our favoured artists.

Portraits and Landscapes

Zdravko, Jeska Velk and Kati Garrett Filho are great choices for you to commission a portrait. Each has a unique style and a twist – Zdravko enjoys creating something a bit different in portraiture style, while Jeska works in oils and focuses on hyper-realism. If you are looking for photography-inspired paintings, then Rodney Black can create a new perspective.

Murals, Street Art, and Pop Art

If you are looking to commission a mural, then Rachel Favelle, Sarah Sculley and Franko are our top picks. Rachel offers fairy tale-based surrealism, Sarah creates colourful and feminine street art that combines silhouette with colour. Franko has a great eye for urban pop and industrial style art, based on colour and texture.


Abstract styles cover so many artists and techniques. Belinda Nadwe creates paintings that use colour to describe mood om oils, charcoal, and spray paint. Tania Blanchard uses layering of coloured ‘impasto dots’ to create minimalist, impressionist and colourful pieces. Petra Meikle De Vlas has a combination of Fine Art pieces – 3D sculpture paintings created using recycled materials, as well as impressionist abstract works.

These are just a taste of the artists we have available for you to commission a painting. All you need to do is decide how you want to your unique piece to look.

What to Think About When Commissioning an Artwork

 You can get anything from a portrait as a gift, to a mural painted in your office as a commission from our talented artists. There are some things that you should think about when you are deciding what you want to have, though.

First, decide how you want your commission to be created. Do you want a version of a previous work from your artist, or something completely new? Do you have a piece for inspiration, or a photograph?

Your budget will help you choose your artist too – typically commissions cost more, so be prepared to work with your artist to get your needs and budget in line.

When you have chosen an artist and given them your specifications, they will work with you while they are working on your piece. Commissioning an artwork may take several months depending on level of complexity and how the artist works, so they will help you understand the timeline you can expect.

If you are ready to commission a painting, then you can contact our team and fill out our handy form.

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Jeska Georgia

Jeska Valk (Portia Geach Finalist 2018)

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