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Looking for a unique gift, memory or investment?

Have you considered commissioning an artwork?

Commissioning an artist to create an artwork especially for you has never been easier,…..and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Llewellyn Skye Abstract Artist


Request a completely new piece or use an existing piece of art as inspiration. We have artists that can help create what you want, in the size you need.


All across Australia, many people enjoy artworks of all varieties in a range of different circumstances throughout their daily lives. From quirky, creative and inspiring paintings on the walls of our offices and workspaces which serve to provide us with motivation and enthusiasm to beautiful family portraits which turn our homes into peaceful, private sanctuaries for relaxation and recreation, there are a great number of different ways in which quality art can transform our lives for the better.
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Would You Like to Commission a Painting?

One of the very best ways to enjoy art is to commission a painting by a talented local or national artist. As well as giving you the opportunity to collaborate with an artist that you respect and admire, painting commissions also enable you to see some of your artistic ideas and dreams put into practice by someone with genuine mastery of their craft.

Of course, when you choose to commission an artwork, you’ll also be making an investment in an asset which is bound to serve as a powerful icebreaker with guests in your home or clients of your business for many years to come.

Choose Art Lovers Australia for Quality Painting Commissions

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we’ve built a strong reputation in the Australian arts industry as one of the very best online art galleries in the whole country. Founded and managed by people who are genuinely passionate about Australian art, Art Lovers Australia has established ties with some of the nation’s most talented and promising emerging artists, bringing their inspiring works of art to the attention of potential buyers throughout Australia.

Thanks to these ties, we’re able to work with customers who are looking to commission a portrait or other piece of art, helping them to find the perfect artist for the job and enabling them to feel confident that they’ll end up receiving the perfect piece of authentic, originally artwork at a fair and competitive price.

Painting and Portrait Commissions with Outstanding Customer Service

After you’ve made up your mind to commission a piece of artwork, the natural instinct is often to channel your excitement into quickly finding an artist who can turn your ideas into a reality. Here at Art Lovers Australia, our many years of experience and our high levels of industry expertise mean that we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect artist for your project on our site.

And to keep things as affordable as possible on your part, we’ll even have your painting delivered straight to your front door – absolutely anywhere in Australia – completely free of charge. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team of experts today to find out more information about how we can help you find the perfect artist to create the painting or portrait you’ve been dreaming of. Alternatively, browse the profiles of the different artists on our site and discover for yourself how quick and easy it is to access painting and portrait commissions at Art Lovers Australia.
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Jeska Georgia

Jeska Valk (Portia Geach Finalist 2018)