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Welcome to Art Lovers Australia

A bridge between Artists and their Dreams.


Art Lovers Australia wants to make your dreams a reality. With passion, years of experience and a dedicated personal touch, we want to bridge the gap between artist and their careers, between your work and the appreciation it deserves. Tired of seeing the very best talents of emergent artists go unrecognised, Art Lovers Australia is dedicated to discovering and promoting these hidden gems. To giving the guidance and support you need for your career to take off. We want you recognised, empowered and appreciated.

We want art to be accessible to everyone.

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Johanna Wilbraham

“Our key philosophy is connection between people…”

Art Lovers Australia runs an online gallery and a dedicated blog to promote and share our passion for art as creators and appreciators. Our gallery is a curated and supportive platform, making your work available to art lovers worldwide, connecting your work directly with buyers, interior designers and magazines. With no financial risk to you, this platform comes with feedback and guidance aimed to seeing your reach your potential. Subscribe to our blog for news about free events, upcoming exhibitions, and our educational and inspiring articles.

“We want art at the forefront of culture…”

At Art Lovers Australia, we know how hard it is to make a career with your creative work. Nancy is an arts educator with experience showing her work in galleries and connecting with buyers. Jarrod is a lifelong cartoonist and a graduate of commercial art, who personally knows the struggle of seeing your work recognised and appreciated. They both know the struggle to balance their passions with the day to day necessities of work, finding platforms, building connections and getting the recognition your work deserves.

Rehgan De Mather

“This is what we love. And we out lovely the competition.”

Art Lovers Australia is a labour of love. We’re hands on with our work, helping artists liaise with competitions and buyers. As artists ourselves, our mentoring is personal, focused to helping you develop your work and your career to the very best it can be. With our platform, practical advice, and a helping hand with social media, we want Art Lovers Australia to be a cornerstone of Australian art, the go-to place for the best and freshest talent Australia has to offer.

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Jarrod & Nancy founders of Art Lovers Australia


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Such a visually impressive online gallery. This is my go to site to showcase my artwork. Thank you Art Lovers for your professionalism and patronage of Australian artists.

Anne-Maree Wise | Melbourne, Victoria

Working with Art Lovers is working with friends who genuinely care about art, their artists and their community.

Amica Whincop | Gympie, Qld

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Do I have to be exclusive to Art Lovers Australia?

Our artists do not have to be exclusive to Art Lovers Australia.

Can anyone submit work?

Anyone over 18 years of age and living in Australia can submit original artwork or limited edition prints to be considered to be represented on Art Lovers Australia. We review all submissions and reply within 7 days. If you are ‘approved’ as an artist you will be given access to set up your ‘shop’.

Should I sell my work framed or unframed?

It is up to the artist. We encourage works on canvas and unframed work on paper as it keeps your overheads down and makes the prices more affordable to the buyer.

Unframed work is also easier and far more economical to transport.

Many buyers like to select framing quality, colour and style and buying unframed work gives them this control.

Can I sell cards from my shop?

No. We only allow original art and signed limited edition prints on Art Lovers Australia.

Is it my responsibility to organise shipping?

Yes it is the artist’s responsibility to organise packing and shipping. We suggest you investigate several couriers and Australia Post to see what is best for your artwork. Also please read our guidelines for shipping to get your artwork safely to its new home.

How do I estimate ‘shipping costs’?

It is really up to the artist however we suggest that you add a flat rate based on the size and weight. Sometimes you may lose a little, sometimes gain a little but it should all even out.


Can I still sell my artwork elsewhere?

Yes you can. Most of our artists are represented by multiple galleries – this gives them greater exposure. You have probably built these relationships up over years and you should continue to build on this. We do however require the prices in all galleries and privately be consistent with what you have on Art Lovers Australia. In keeping with our ‘Best Price Guarantee’.

How does Art Lovers promote their artists?

We are constantly promoting through social media; posts, paid advertising, ‘Feature Artists’, blogs and competitions. We also create media opportunities for our artists in magazine and radio. Our promotions are constantly evolving as we grow.

How can I be considered for being one of your ‘Feature Artists’?

We look for outstanding work.  We also consider how much “love” your work is receiving (so make sure you share with your social media network and get them to “love” your work). We also look at how much stock you have in your shop (it is no use promoting an artist that only has 3 works for sale).

How do I work out my pricing?

Your pricing must match your other gallery and site prices on similar works. Your price must include ‘packing and shipping costs’ and 30% commission for Art Lovers Australia. This is how we maintain our ‘Best Price Guarantee’.




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