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Image: “Glistening Waters” by DONNA MALONEY | 56 x 44cm | Watercolour on Khadi Handmade cotton rag paper | Framed & ready to hang

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Anderson likes to bring pops of colour into her day with vibrant creations.⁣

She loves nothing more than taking home gum leaves and banksias that cross her path for inspiration.⁣

We are loving the delicacy and beauty of these flowers. 😍 ⁣

Kirsty Anderson⁣
Watercolour on thick Arches paper ⁣

View more of Kristy's work here:⁣

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Pops of jewel coloured semi-circles with gold sparkly borders will brighten and bring joy to any space.⁣

Our newest fine art print is a celebration of being true to yourself. ⁣

Palettes are inspired by ‘Living Coral’ the Pantone 2019 Colour of the year, which encourages light-hearted activity and symbolises our innate need for optimism. ⁣

Shana Danon⁣
You Can Go Your Own Way – Ltd Ed fine art print⁣
Limited Edition Giclee print ⁣

Available from:⁣

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Hot and spicy, bright and colourful. ⁣

Chili’s always remind me of my Dad, he could put them on anything without a second thought.⁣

Kitchen wall art not for the faint of heart.⁣

Nadia Culph⁣
Chili Peppers ~ Food Still Life⁣
Limited edition photographic print on archival Canson Lustre Premium Giclée Paper⁣

Available from:⁣

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Luscious colours and the carefree pose of the girl enjoying the sun tell a tale of finding joy in simplicity. ⁣

Trisha Lambi⁣
Fairy Floss Land⁣
Oil on linen⁣

View more of Trisha's work here:⁣

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Colourful wall art can really help brighten and lift ones mood and this piece inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, is full of those possibilities.⁣

I create abstract mixed media works inspired by the turquoise waters near my home, in Cairns Tropical North Australia.⁣

My paintings represents the results of mixing media, with chemistry between pigments creating dynamic compositions as they attract and repel. ⁣

Petra Meikle de Vlas⁣
Moonlit Coast⁣
Mixed Media fluid painting on a wooden panel⁣

Available from:⁣

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How do you live in colour ? ...

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This landscape composition is a patchwork of trees and fields woven together in naive and minimalist feel with flattened perspective. ⁣

Painted in a naive style to bring a sense of charm and delight, painted with dry-brush effect to give it a textured feel.⁣

The painting invites the viewer to see landscapes from another imaginative point of view.⁣

The flattened perspective gives the composition a naive and whimsical feel.⁣

Kate Graham⁣
Pastel Patchwork No 8⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣

Available from:⁣

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Guided by colour and intuition. ⁣

Kate’s vibrant artworks provoke a delightful emotional response. ⁣

We are loving the pops of colour. 😍💗⁣

Cactus Bunny⁣
Kate Owen⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣

View more of Kate's work here:⁣

#popsofcolour #colourful #colour #pinktones #greentones #abstract #bright #artlovers #delightful #arts #create #artmood #acrylic ⁣
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This piece celebrates colour and light of the outback. ⁣

A very soothing and tranquil painting where sky, clouds, water come together to create this beautiful harmonious landscape. ⁣

Capturing the beautiful and rich colours of the landscape against the light blue colours of the sky.⁣

A very harmonious composition of colours and forms that makes it a very poetic painting. ⁣

Theo Papathomas⁣
Sunset Dreams⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣

Available from:⁣

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Only 2 places left for Amica Whicop’s workshop !
Sun 25 April - 2 places left

Booking link in bio

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Standing under a Wattle tree and looking up at the yellow buds is one of my favourite things.⁣

The contrast between the leaves and dark blue background creates a beautiful and striking effect for any wall. ⁣

Tracy Robinson⁣
Under The Wattle Tree⁣
Ink and acrylic on canvas with a wooden frame⁣

Available from:⁣

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Any creative plans for your weekend?

The Louve is closed but Australian Galleries are open and there’s so much arty goodness to immerse yourself in 💗💙💜💛 check out a gallery near you

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This painting will surely bring warmth and positivity to any room.⁣

A stunning, happy and positive piece. ⁣

Made with love and happiness. ⁣

Belinda Nadwie⁣
Living Life⁣
Oil on stretched canvas ⁣

Available from:⁣

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Inspired by my favourite ocean pool and the smell of the ocean. ⁣

Morning swims in the icy cold water, salty sea air and waves crashing.⁣

If you need me you will always find me at the beach, that is when I’m not in the studio painting. ⁣

A bright abstract piece bringing energy and colour into any space.⁣

Maggi McDonald⁣
Meet Me At The Beach⁣
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas⁣

View more of Maggi's work here:⁣
https://artloversaustralia.com.au/product/meet-me-at-the-beach/ ⁣

#swim #morningswims #beach #water #bluetones #icycold #smell #waves #energy #space #painting #acrylic #beautiful #artlovers #paint #artvibes ⁣
#artloversaustralia #originalart #artforsale #beoriginal #supportaustralianartists #affordableart

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Good morning Sunshine State... breathing without a mask 😷 today... come visit 🌟 ...

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