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Image: "Time is up" by AMY KIM | 51 x 51cm | Acrylic on stretched canvas | Ready to hang



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Figurative abstract defining moments of a jokey with her stable.⁣

Helen's paintings are vibrant acrylics and charcoal on board or canvas. ⁣

Her work is sassy and fun with lots of energy.⁣

Helen Holmes⁣
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas⁣
Size: 101w x 76h x 1.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

30 1

This miniature sculpture is handmade in fine porcelain clay. ⁣

It is a humorous look at our obsession with the perceived perfection of the female form. ⁣

On my daily walks along the beach I witness many “Beach Babes” sunning themselves to acquire a summer tan. ⁣

Constructed of many tiny shells, I have chosen to make this piece in fine white porcelain to reflect the beauty of a pale and un- tanned Beach Babe.⁣

I live near the beach and love to collect bits and pieces of shells from the shoreline. On taking them back to my studio I make plaster moulds from the individual pieces.⁣

Carol Forster⁣
Beach Babe⁣
Handmade fine porcelain clay sculpture⁣
Size: 12w x 11h x 8d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

20 2

This work is a part of my recent pop art series. ⁣

Looking at iconic pop art idols and characters from my youth.⁣

Paul Parker⁣
Was a rebellion⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 60w x 60h x 5d cms⁣

View more of Paul's work here: ⁣

50 2

This painting is a collage made with fabrics and oil painting.

Ideas and feelings are represented as shadows of my soul.

Through lines, colours, shapes and patterns I intend to generate new strong vibrations, challenging the balance in their compositions.

Monique Baques
Abstract B
Collage and oil on stretched canvas
Size: 102w x 102h x 4d cms

Available at:

#abstract #colour #compositions #challenge #collage #fabric #shadows #soul #bold #beautiful #strong #oilpainting #vibrations #lines #colours
#artloversaustralia #originalart #artforsale #beoriginal #artlovers #artvibes #supportaustralianartists #affordableart

29 0

The beautiful work by Dagmar is currently on exhibition at our Gold Coast Gallery … come visit soon

*bell is really burl (wood)

67 5

Russell is a portrait of my son.

The vivid colours and shapes capture the essence of the energy, determination and mystery he possesses.

I use high-quality paint and medium during the painting process to maintain the beautiful colours and longevity of my work.

Sergio Paul Ianniello
Acrylic on canvas
Size: 102w x 122h x 3.8d cms

Available at:

#mediums #acrylic #colour #bold #pattern #energy #determination #mystery #beautiful #vivid #colours #painter #painting #essence #artlovers
#artloversaustralia #originalart #modernart #creativity #detail #artforsale #beoriginal #portraitpainting #son #supportaustralianartists #affordableart

124 2

I try to create a dream like atmosphere of abstract landscapes which then lead to very simplified forms so that viewers can extend their own imagination and ideas. ⁣

Some works are really abstract which colours are more played around, some are more distinguishable as landscapes so there are stories to talk about. ⁣

This piece is an abstract cloudscape inspired by a sunset. ⁣

Yeonjoo Park⁣
An amazing sunset⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 76w x 61h x 4d cms⁣

Available at: ⁣

72 4

An urban art pop mixed media. ⁣

Art Posters from the streets, recycled into Artworks for the home.⁣

This original artwork is made using Vintage Wallpaper, Recycled Street Posters & CDs on canvas. ⁣

The main Image of the Elvis was added and then further overlaid with paint and paper. ⁣

Brendan Walsh (ColdGhost)⁣
Prize Elvis⁣
Mixed media and recycled materials on canvas⁣
Size: 80w x 101h x 2d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

42 1

An abstract expressionist portrait. ⁣

Inspired by the trials and tribulations of the current climate, the world is different as we know it. ⁣

You try to strive and prosper, emotions are at an all time high, this work sums up multiple emotions and the for and against. ⁣

This is Facial Expressionism. ⁣

Jonathan Redmayne⁣
Look over your shoulder⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 102w x 102h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Jonathon's work here: ⁣

85 2

Join us for the official opening Saturday 2- 4 pm. 🥂🧀

Exhibition opens simultaneously in our Gold Coast & Melbourne Galleries

See you there

49 0

My hieroglyphics series explores relationships between shapes, colour, abstraction and reality.⁣

It is inspired by graffiti art, street art, hieroglyphics and symbolism. ⁣

Shane Bonsujet⁣
Hieroglyphics no 2⁣
Acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 60w x 60h x 2d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

46 6

A sneak peak of one of the pieces by Cold Ghost in our new exhibition Gestalt ⁣

Hope we see you at our opening this Saturday 2-4!

36 0
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