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Image: "Autumn Colours Mt Wilson" by GRAHAM GERCKEN



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Free Groover’ is an abstract impression of the colours and movement of the 60s and 70’s.⁣

I love the way the conflicting and complimentary colours create movement as if they are dancing to the music of that time. ⁣

George Hall⁣
Free Groover⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 117w x 117h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

27 1

Jimbalangari Buhl in the Bundjalung-Yugambeh language means ‘Friendship Circle. ⁣

’The circle symbol in my artwork, in a general sense, stands for wholeness, unity and flow.⁣

It’s about connection, coming together, feeling nurtured and protected. ⁣

Brad Turner⁣
Jimbalangari Buhl (Friendship Circle)⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 125w x 94h x 6d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

32 3

Inspired by colour, movement and the paint itself, I let the moment take me anywhere on the canvas. ⁣

This was my 2nd ever oil painting, painted over 20 years ago. ⁣

The challenge, and success of achieving the glass bowl encouraged me to persist with oils, and I am still using them all these years later. ⁣

David Clare⁣
Fruit In A Glass Bowl⁣
Oil on canvas board⁣
Size: 40w x 30h x 3d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

33 2

A closer look at Nicola Cowie’s piece ‘Three For Tea in Blue’

The piece is available on our smalls wall at the Melbourne gallery, located 300 Wellington street, Collingwood. Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10-4

63 1

Living on Mount Tamborine in Queensland, we are spoilt with the amount of wildlife we see on a daily. ⁣

We are frequently visited by a Butcher Bird. ⁣

This one is for her. ⁣

Sam Suttie⁣
Butcher Bird⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 25w x 30h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

59 1

The latest addition to my ‘It’s love’ series showcases soft shades of coral, teals and white to create a soft and calm feel. ⁣

These shades work so well together to create a minimal yet detailed artwork. ⁣

A lovely addition to any home and space. ⁣

Ivana Gigovic⁣
It’s love No 34⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 150w x 100h x 2d cms⁣

View more of Ivana's work here:⁣

48 5

The striking mark making in this large artwork combined with its vibrant palette would make the perfect statement piece for any space. ⁣

Cheryl has developed a deep understanding of mediums and process. ⁣

She paints from a place of freedom; inspired by music, popular culture and life’s everyday events and in her words… “I call these my lifescapes.” ⁣

Cheryl Harrison⁣
Monsoon nights⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 152w x 80h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Cheryl's work here:⁣

67 6

Originally a physiotherapist, Mela sculpted part time for many years.⁣

When she sold her physio practice around ten years ago she became a full time sculptor. ⁣

The physiotherapy gave her a great understanding of both the human form and working in three dimensions. ⁣

Mela Cooke’s work is entirely figurative, sculpting both people and animals, as well as occasional objects.⁣

The aim is always to capture the character and soul of her subject. ⁣

Mela Cooke⁣
Swim Squad⁣
Bronze sculpture⁣
Size: 20w x 38h x 30d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

56 2

This vibrant Marilyn Monroe piece was created on a heavily textured and layered canvas base. ⁣

The main focus of this collection is my “Abstract Realism” Heads series.⁣

This series features varied subject matters including nudes, semi nudes, Geishas, Native Americans, Aboriginals, sporting legends and lots of pop icons. ⁣

These pieces are always created by hand and brush with acrylics (no spray or screen-printing).⁣

Marilyn Nectar⁣
Acrylics, oils, inks, and texture with gloss finish on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 150w x 150h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Franko's work here:⁣

63 9

We are just around the corner from Keith Haring’s iconic Collingwood mural. Drop into our Melbourne gallery next time you are checking out this stunning work.

We are open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

152 9

Excited to announce our NAIDOC exhibition dates. The works are incredible!

Grab a FREE ticket in our linktree bio

91 2

I view painting as sheer passion and feeling. ⁣

Gabriela's compositions are instantly noticeable for their captivating colour palette and dynamic brushstrokes. ⁣

Infused with unmistakable presence and energy, they light up every room in which they are displayed. ⁣

Gabriela Azar Schreiner⁣
Mango smoothie⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 180w x 90h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

55 2

Posters from the streets, recycled into Artworks for the home. ⁣

This original artwork is made using Recycled Street Posters collected off the Streets of Sydney and Melbourne. ⁣

Taking inspiration directly from Graffiti in City Laneways and billboards. ⁣

The main Image of Marilyn was duplicated and reversed then added and then further overlaid with paint and paper to give a worn rustic appearance. ⁣

Brendan Walsh (ColdGhost)⁣
Double Fantasy⁣
Mixed media on recycled paper⁣
Size: 94w x 64h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Brendan's work here:⁣

29 1

A tribute to the irresistible power of water, whether it is breaking through the oceans bars or in this study an imperceptible sculpting of the earth over a generation. ⁣

Either way it gets to where it is going.⁣

Michelle Keighley⁣
A Gently Hewn Path⁣
Oil on canvas⁣
Size: 173w x 113h x 5.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

68 2

My painting eagles view is looking at the Australian outback from above observing the different shades of the landscape painted in oil paints.⁣

This artwork was inspired by the beautiful colours of the landscape.⁣

I wanted to capture the richness of colour and the beautiful rhythms of the land. ⁣

I hope with this work it makes the viewer feel very peaceful and tranquil. ⁣

Theo Papathomas⁣
Eagles View⁣
Oil on canvas⁣
Size: 60w x 60h x 2d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

44 1

This series is a culmination of almost 25 years of painting.⁣

It draws inspiration from many sources, including my time growing up in Townsville, my wife, two children and Zen Buddhism. ⁣

These images do not represent any particular place or time.⁣

I want them to have a universal appeal and ambiguity that allows viewers to write their own story into the image. ⁣

Adam Bogusz⁣
Return to nature⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 30w x 30h x 2.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

66 5

Curious Sands was created using various techniques. ⁣

Combined to allow increased flow, interaction and separation of colours to create interesting patterns where pops of colour can be seen emerging from underneath. ⁣

A lovely variety of acrylic pigments were used including metallic yellow, rose gold, bronze, copper, silver, grey, black and white. ⁣

The metallic paint used reflects the shifting light beautifully really bringing the painting to life. ⁣

Angela Roskell⁣
Curious Sands⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 152w x 101.5h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

48 3

This is an original painting. ⁣

It is a hybrid species symbolising the coming together of communities where same, same but different is celebrated. ⁣

Each component fits together whilst retaining individuality and uniqueness. ⁣

This painting is about joy, love and community. ⁣

Sigrid Patterson⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 50w x 50h x 1.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

58 1
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