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Image: “Koi” by KEVIN ROGERS | 49 x 37cm | Pencil on Grafix Drafting Film

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Traditional Aboriginal iconography superimposed over a landscape that is both familiar and distinctive. ⁣

The Pass is part of Anthony J. Walker Blue Space series. ⁣

Looking afresh at Country from a new perspective: a perspective that explicitly acknowledges ‘always was, always will be’.⁣

- Anthony J. Walker⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas.⁣

The Pass⁣
Anthony J. Walker⁣

Available from:⁣

70 1

This piece reveals a mixture of painting styles with light background washes, bold and colourful brushstrokes and thick impasto textures.⁣

All that reveals is a stunning female figure wearing a red dress, modelling a flirtatious pose. ⁣

- Stuart Ross⁣

Oil on aluminium panel. ⁣

En rouge⁣
Stuart Ross⁣

Available from:⁣

162 1

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94 1

A beautiful piece of art on fabriano paper. ⁣

We are loving the detail and linework. 😍⁣

Drawing on fabriano paper. ⁣

The broken pot⁣
Sunaina Dankher Lohkan⁣

Available from:⁣

98 1

This still life is inspired by the Dutch masters.⁣

I enjoy exploring Dutch oils painted over many centuries. ⁣

I love the richness of the colours here and the textures provided by the walnuts and lotus seed pod. ⁣

I photographed this in natural light.⁣

- Peter Masters⁣

Printed on archival canvas. ⁣

Still Life with Pomegranates and Walnuts⁣
Peter Masters⁣

Available from:⁣

214 8

This painting is based on collages I made with papers and fabrics.⁣

Ideas and feelings are represented as shadows of my soul. ⁣

I intend to generate new strong vibrations through lines, colours, shapes and patterns. ⁣

I do this by challenging the balance in their compositions.⁣

- Monique Baques⁣

Oil on canvas. ⁣

Abstract 15⁣
Monique Baques⁣

Available from:⁣

75 2

A limited edition bronze sculpture, based on a lovely girlfriend of mine, who at one point in her life had to endure many sessions of chemotherapy.⁣

I always admired her serenity and quiet resolve in the face of such adversity.⁣

- Mela Cooke⁣

Such a deep and beautiful piece of art. ❤⁣

Limited edition bronze sculpture with pale blue patina. ⁣

A Certain Calm Bronze Sculpture⁣
Mela Cooke⁣

Available from:⁣

233 7

An original artwork, perfect for any space.⁣

Mediums used include charcoal, graphite, oil stick and oil paints.⁣

Mixed media on canvas. ⁣

Shane Bowden ⁣

View more of Shane's work here:⁣

134 4

Two Green Sea Turtles feeding on the reef at Lady Musgrave Island. ⁣

All my Art Work is created from unique photographs. I capture to edit them and produce something that can’t be replicated as its created by nature itself.⁣

I aim to produce unique and rare images that capture the eye and create conversation.⁣

- Piotr Parzybok⁣

Fine Art photography produced from photograph. ⁣

Musgrave Lady⁣
Piotr Parzybok⁣

Available from:⁣

100 1

Some of the most amazing colour combinations are created by sunsets…..gorgeous oranges, reds and yellows abound.⁣

A red sky at night is a shepherd’s delight! A red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning.⁣

- Lidia Gaudiano⁣

Oil painting on stretched canvas. ⁣

Speak to the sky⁣
Lidia Gaudiano⁣

Available from:⁣

151 4

Down by the bay between the yacht club and the swimming enclosure there was an amusement park. ⁣

It had all sorts of fun rides and games. It was a place that our parents took us but also a place where we met friends as we got older. ⁣

This is a painting that stirs great memories of growing up.⁣

- Steve Tyack⁣

Acrylic on timber panel. ⁣

Hi-Lite Park⁣
Steve Tyack⁣

Available from:⁣

95 4

An abstract landscape inspired by the land of Australia.⁣

The thick and layered application of paint helps convey the rugged beauty and energy in the bush.⁣

The many layers in the painting tell a story, in which the viewer can find their own path.⁣

- Marinka Parnham⁣

Oil on canvas. ⁣

Rainbow at the Rockpools⁣
Marinka Parnham⁣

Available from:⁣

108 4

I have explored contrast and the softness of my style with more graphic solid elements.⁣

The painting feels fresh and striking to me. I love the Iris flower family and painting them is a joy. ⁣

They remind me of ballroom dancers.⁣

- Sam Suttie⁣

Oil on stretched canvas. ⁣

Proud Iris⁣
Sam Suttie⁣

View more of Sam's work here:⁣

132 3

You belonged out there, in the ocean of possibilities. Where your dreams were met with the other dreamers, the ones parting ways to everything you wanted.⁣

Inspired by letting go of what wasn’t yours to begin with.⁣

Limited Edition Giclee photographic print. ⁣

- Charli Savage⁣

Parting Ways⁣
Charli Savage⁣

Available from:⁣

253 8

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77 1

Vintage wall paper, kindly gifted by a dutch collector. ⁣

Starting with a found treasure, she builds composition beautifully and organically. ⁣

Rich oils and textures feature particularly in this work.⁣

Mixed media -acrylic and oil stick on stretched canvas with vintage wallpaper.⁣

Ravi paper⁣
Jane Hoggard⁣

View more of Jane's work here:⁣

99 4

He can see the light through the generations of darkness. ⁣

Protecting them all for the one speck of light. Reaching out even knowing rejection, because he loves even the flicker in the distance.⁣

- Alison Collins⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas. ⁣

Alison Collins⁣

View more of Alison's work here:⁣

146 4

This piece depicts five Qantas jets, on the tarmac and arranged around a circular terminal. ⁣

Set with a Sydney cityscape in the distant background. Above, five birds can be seen circling the runway. ⁣

Qantas planes have always inspired me for their single red colour presented upon a white surface.⁣

- Caib Kelly⁣

Watercolour on 100% cotton surface. ⁣

5 Birds⁣
Caib Kelly ⁣

Available from:⁣

172 6
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