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Image: "On Princess St." by AYLEE KIM | 91.5 x 61cm | Oil on stretched canvas



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Exclusive to Art Lovers Australia. ⁣

This painting pays tribute to and acknowledges the Australia’s First People throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea and community. ⁣

The bay looked like a lake, It’s a saying that many baysiders know.⁣

I love it when the bay is so calm it looks like a lake with conditions perfect for swimming and don’t get me started on the beautiful reflections you get on the surface! ⁣

Alanah Jarvis⁣
The Bay looked like a Lake!⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 101w x 101h x 3d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

78 7

A sweet still life of a vase filled with dryandra formosa and banksia and their beautiful leaves. ⁣

Watercolour washes are layered and a few elements are picked out with shimmering colour before the black ink lines are added giving a stained glass effect. ⁣

The rich purples and browns of the vase and table contrast the yellows and greens of the leaves.⁣

With lots of tonal variation and textural washes of colour there is a lot of surface interest. ⁣

Nicola Cowie⁣
The Table in the Corner⁣
Watercolour and ink on paper⁣
Size: 25w x 36.5h cms⁣

View more of Nicola's work here:⁣

87 5

Salvatore Dibartolo is a self-taught artist who has explored the use of many different mediums. ⁣

Much of his inspiration comes from nature and his travels. ⁣

Salvatore is currently exploring the use of oil paints which has become a preferred medium, his most recent body of work captures the fun of summer, shadows and light. ⁣

Salvatore Dibartolo⁣
Amalfi Lemons⁣
Oil on wooden panel⁣
Size: 40w x 40h x 2.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

68 4

As the colours of summer blazoned across the afternoon sky, a sense of hope and anticipation seeped into the air. ⁣

This painting is a celebration of colour and pattern. ⁣

Featuring an exclusive textile print designed by the artist painted on the deckchair. ⁣

Combining the gorgeous textures of natural linen with the undulating peaks and valleys of the texture paste used in the clouds. ⁣

This artwork is a beautiful and colourful celebration of summer and will uplift any space. ⁣

Teneille Grace⁣
Dashing Deckchair⁣
Acrylic on stretched linen canvas⁣
Size: 91w x 91h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

46 4

Midnight In the Greenhouse has a mysterious quality to it. ⁣

The botanical elements are animated and frozen into position as if being caught out by the viewer. ⁣

Botanicals inspire me endlessly.⁣

A green house is a controlled environment of life and death and all the juicy bits in between not seen by the naked eye. ⁣

The tiled background explores my fascination for tactility. ⁣

Sam Suttie⁣
Midnight in the Greenhouse⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 91w x 91h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

98 3

Thank you all for braving the rain and joining us for the incredibly beautiful exhibition ‘A Room with a View’ .

A heart warming afternoon of art, conversation and red dots.

Thank you @jane.b.cooley photography

Exhibition runs until June 4

71 5

‘Outside in’ is a robur banksia flower broken from my tree in recent storms.⁣

It now lives in my studio showing all the beauty of banksias through its different life stages. ⁣

The banksia is in a pearlesque vase atop some of my favourite books.⁣

Sigrid Patterson⁣
Outside in⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 63w x 63h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

59 1

Imagine…. a vast open space, quiet, peaceful, serene. ⁣

Now imagine, it’s just dusk. The beautiful hues of dusty pinks, soft creams heading into the night. ⁣

Dusk, the most vivid, the most beautiful time of day, the sun is setting and the possibilities of the night are endless. ⁣

This large scale mixed media artwork embraces the best time of the day and invites you to enjoy your evening. ⁣

Lots of time to think and wonder where this place is, what magic happens, when can I go. ⁣

The perfect painting to enjoy with a hot cuppa or a smooth whiskey. ⁣

Kylie Daniel⁣
Dusk Over The Plains⁣
Mixed media on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 160w x 90h x 5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

52 9

The Beaches are closed today but galleries are open!

Come check out our ‘Room with a View’ exhibition

Simultaneously opening in Melbourne and the Gold Coast

397 14

Find beauty not only in the thing itself but how it makes you feel. ⁣

Vivid flowers and sunlight reflecting on foliage create a feeling of beauty and peace. ⁣

For this garden I have used bright yellows, oranges and vivid reds for the striking Australian Flowers; earthy shades of green for the foliage then I introduced splashes of turquoise and yellow ochre to complete the piece. ⁣

I constantly start my pieces with multiple layers of under-colour boldly placed onto the canvas. ⁣

The aim is to create depth and mystery to the artwork. ⁣

Susanne Bianchi⁣
The air is laden with the scent of blossoms all around⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas.⁣
Size: 102w x 152h x 4d cms ⁣

Available at:⁣

51 1

The Gallery is full of glorious new art ready for tomorrow’s ‘Room with a View’ exhibition opening.

Enjoy your preview … and join us
Sat 2 - 4 pm to meet the artists and celebrate 🥂

40 4

Congratulations to artist Blak Douglas on winning the Archibald Prize 2022 for his portrait of artist Karla Dickens, titled Moby Dickens

A five-time Archibald Prize finalist, Douglas painted his good friend, Wiradjuri woman Dickens, for the 101st year of Australia’s oldest and most-loved portrait award. It is the first portrait of an Aboriginal woman to be awarded the prize and Douglas is the second Aboriginal artist to win.

Douglas depicted Dickens in the recent floods in her home town of Lismore which devastated her community and her own studio.

‘I’m elated to be the first New South Wales First Nations artist to win with a portrait of a New South Wales First Nations artist. It’s a major historic win,’ says Douglas.

The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2022 exhibition is proudly presented by ANZ.

211 10

A tribute to the irresistible power of water. ⁣

Whether it is breaking through the oceans bars or in this study an imperceptible sculpting of the earth over a generation. ⁣

Either way it gets to where it is going. ⁣

Michelle Keighley⁣
A Gently Hewn Path⁣
Oil on canvas⁣
Size: 173w x 113h x 5.5d cms⁣

View more of Michelle's work here:⁣

53 2

A study table with lamp, books and glasses. ⁣

Clear stuff layout and the balance of colour, create the scene that a reader needs at night .⁣

Kathy aims to connect spectators to something more than just a still-life painting. ⁣

She wants them to fall in love with life and this way the painting becomes alive. ⁣

Kathy Zheng⁣
A reader at night⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 31w x 40h x 3d cms⁣

View more of Kathy's work here:⁣

56 3

Love And Adventure is a big powerful flower abstract inspired by the latest colour trend in the Dulux Flourish palette. ⁣

A gorgeous mix of sensual hues such as petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose alongside warm neutrals and a pop of vintage gold. ⁣

This painting has beautiful texture and expressive individual brushstrokes that bring it to life! ⁣

I love painting flowers and landscapes and for me they bring happiness into my home. ⁣

Jen Shewring⁣
Love And Adventure⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 150w x 150h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

40 4

Love them or hate them, pomegranates are a great subject for still life photography.⁣

Dark and moody channeling the Dutch masters and renaissance paintings and sliced open to expose the inner seed details. ⁣

Part of an ongoing series, my fruit and vegetable prints are the perfect addition to any kitchen decor. ⁣

Nadia Culph⁣
Pomegranate – Food Still Life⁣
1/50 photographic print on archival Canon Luster Premium Giclée Paper⁣
Available in 2 sizes

View more of Nadia’s work here:

46 4
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