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Image: "Flight of the Galah” by LENI KAE | 56 x 76cm | Mixed Media – watercolour and acrylic on 300gsm paper

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Travelling for long hours every day to and from work, shopping and to visit friends & family. ⁣

Vast distances because of the urban sprawl and simply the size of our country.⁣

Heading west into the late afternoon sun, fascinated by the colourful reflections in our car bonnet.⁣

- Felicia Lowe ⁣

Acrylic on linen. ⁣

Journey series – Tuesday afternoon⁣
Felicia Lowe ⁣

View more of Felicia's work here:⁣

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Original acrylic modernist painting, inspired by the rainbows created by lunar light.⁣

Joyous beams of modernist vibrance for every colour lover, bringing pops of colour to any interior.⁣

- Shana Danon⁣

We are loving the bold and bright colours. 💙⁣

Acrylic on wood panel. ⁣

Moonbow II⁣
Shana Danon ⁣

View more of Shana's work here:⁣

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Have you heard the "Call of the Black Cockatoo"? New from my #AnimalSpirit series and now 15% off on @artloversaustralia with the code xmas15 on checkout

56X76cm on paper
. #Repost @lenikae

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In various shades of green ‘Possum Point Creek’ is an abstract landscape with an aerial view point. ⁣

The brush strokes convey a feeling of hills and valleys with a scattering of vegetation.⁣

Such a beautiful piece. ⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Possum Point Creek⁣
Jennifer Bell⁣

View more of Jennifer's work here: ⁣

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Brad Pitt is cool.⁣

This dominant large work in oil gold and silver leaf is also very cool. ⁣

In every respect it is larger than life just like the subject. Vibrant people necessitate similar art.⁣

- Andrew Causon⁣

Oil with gold and silver leaf on stretched canvas. ⁣

Andrew Causon⁣

View more of Andrew's work here:⁣

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The Sale ends midnight 30th November 2020.

Discount code: xmas15
Artwork credit: @louiseisackson_art

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Director – Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre⁣

Susi Muddiman OAM is currently Director, Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre in Murwillumbah. She has previously worked as Director of Grafton and Wagga Wagga Regional Galleries. Twenty years in directorship roles have involved working across a wide range of visual arts activities, as well as securing financial sustainability.⁣

Susi is a member of Create NSW Visual Arts Board and is a Committee member of Regional & Public Galleries NSW, having earlier served as President. Susi has curated numerous exhibitions and has been the recipient of professional development grants including a Gordon Darling Foundation travel grant to investigate re-creations of artists’ studios. This research informed the development of the Margaret Olley Art Centre as a purpose-built extension to the TRG incorporating the re-creation of Margaret Olley’s Paddington home studio.⁣

Susi was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List 2015 and is listed as one of Australia’s 50 most influential people in the arts.

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A tribute to those times when the planets feel as though they have aligned and all is right with the world.⁣

We are loving this meaningful and moving piece. ❤⁣

Giclee print on archival paper. ⁣

Blissful Drift⁣
Kellie North⁣

Available from:⁣

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Inspired by my tropical garden around the pool. ⁣

- Jude Hendrix⁣

A beautiful detailed piece, perfect for any space. ⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas. ⁣

By the Pool⁣
Jude Hendrix⁣

View more of Jude's work here:⁣

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This time I painted a delicate portrait of a woman surrounded by inspiring peonies. ⁣

My inspiration is based on the feminine fragility, a blank stare, the internal universe of someone full of thoughts. ⁣

Sometimes we have tough times where we can get lost in our minds. ⁣

Nature always gives us clarity and washes our head of clouds.⁣

- Josefa Blackman⁣

Acrylic on a premium cotton canvas. ⁣

Soul breathe v2⁣
Josefa Blackman⁣

View more of Josefa's work here:⁣

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This is a night time landscape featuring a soaring purple sky, crescent moon painted with metallic silver paint, and a patchwork of fields interwoven with trees below.⁣

It is an almost surreal rural scene that celebrates colour and composition. ⁣

Painted in a naive style to bring a sense of charm and delight. ⁣

- Kate Graham⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas.⁣

Purple Patchwork⁣
Kate Graham⁣

View more of Kate's work here:⁣

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#Repost @theblock
Auction day is here... Who will win? 😮 #TheBlock Grand Finale, tonight 7o'BLOCK!

Good luck Blockheads!

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Submerged in a Deep Sea explores the last and first light for the day as it shines through.⁣

The piece makes you feel you are submerged, floating beneath the surface.⁣

Painted in an abstract landscape style using layers of acrylic over colourful underpainting and deep shadow.⁣

Acrylic paint and oil pastel. ⁣

Submerged in a Deep Sea⁣
Narelle Callen⁣

View more of Narelle's work here:⁣

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Inspired by fun times in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.⁣

So many beaches and beach pools to choose from for a swim.⁣

Such a beautiful piece, perfect for any space. 😍⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Who’s for a Swim⁣
Meredith Howse⁣

View more of Meredith's work here:⁣

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It is getting to that time of the year when you have to start fretting about what to buy for your loved ones .... or do you? Wrap your eye balls around this one - 15% off sale @artloversaustralia until the end of November. Don't forget the code xmas15 for your discount.

Artwork credit: @favelleart

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If I could paint my dreams, this is what they would look like.⁣

The Architecture of the Greek Islands and memories of star gazing is an inspiration within my work. ⁣

- Lana Alsamir-Diamond⁣

Mixed media on hand made paper.⁣

Thinking of you⁣
Lana Alsamir-Diamond⁣

View more of Lana's work here:⁣

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In my tropical garden the maroon colour of the Cordyline pops out against the green. ⁣

With the sun shining, it makes the colours even more luminous and spectacular. ⁣

- Jude Hendrix ⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas. ⁣

Cordyline with Ginger and Xanadu⁣
Jude Hendrix⁣

View more of Jude's work here:⁣

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