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Image: "Morning Delight" by KATHERINE CUSACK | 91 x 91cm | Acrylic on canvas

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This thick and highly textured palette knife painting of gum leaves in a vase.⁣

Comes professionally framed in Solid oak. ⁣

Oil on canvas. ⁣

We are loving the colour and texture. ❤⁣

Gum Leaves⁣
Angela Hawkey ⁣

Available from:⁣

81 2

Australia is blessed with thousands of species of wildflowers and an incredible diversity that is matched by few places in the world.⁣

In most cultures around the world, the wildflower represents joy.⁣

Did you know that Australia is home to over 24,000 species of weird and wonderful native plants! Well, it’s true.⁣

The wildflowers in this painting symbolise my friends and family in different communities and cultures. ⁣

- Grace Brown⁣

Mixed media on canvas. ⁣

Desert Breeze
Grace Brown

Available from:⁣

172 8

Hot off the press!

The ALA Collectors Book cover is looking great!

Thank you Matt and John from Heaney’s Printing for your attention to detail 🌟

Cover image @lixnorth

111 14

Pull a chair and immense yourself in art at our Gold Coast HQ.

A big thank you to @ojthompson for bringing our gallery mood board to reality and @tidalvisual for the beautiful photography

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I continually find myself drawn to the beauty of the Iris flower. ⁣

Delicate and proud. ⁣

In this work I was interested in playing with the power balance between foreground and background.⁣

This disjointed text sums up my feelings for the last year. Generally mixed up day to day functioning based on mixed messages. Joy and sadness, gratitude and guilt. ⁣

- Sam Suttie⁣

Oil on stretched canvas. ⁣

Sam Suttie⁣

Available from:⁣

105 5

I draw inspirations from scenes in daily life. ⁣

My artwork is a process of turning ordinary days into extraordinary.⁣

Art releases your dormant creativity and engages you to discover an inner peace. ⁣

The process of painting lets you transform transient moments into eternity. ⁣

- Aylee Kim ⁣

Oil on stretched canvas. ⁣

Late Afternoon⁣
Aylee Kim⁣

Available from:⁣

149 4

This Sunday arvo @natpop will be hosting a watercolour workshop at @artloversaustralia - whether you’re completely new to watercolour or an experienced painter, this class will help you loosen up and find an intuitive approach to watercolours. Get your tickets through the link in bio before they run out!
#artworkshop #gclife #goldcoastart #watercolourworkshop

71 1

The ocean is where I feel at peace and free. ⁣

It is where I feel most connected to the natural beauty of this planet. ⁣

The ocean and beaches abstract shapes and colours; capturing the fierce grandeur of the waves, surf and seascapes. ⁣

the beauty from above is something to behold. ⁣

- Jason Childs⁣

Limited Edition fine art photograph. ⁣

Screaming in Blue⁣
Jason Childs⁣

Available from:⁣

79 4

Inspired by my ongoing obsession with native Australian botanicals.⁣

Come hang in the garden. Lets dance, listening to freedoms. ⁣

- Carita Farrer Spencer⁣

Acrylic on 420 gsm canvas. ⁣

Punk Garden⁣
Carita Farrer Spencer ⁣

Available from:⁣

243 8

Soft, gentle, misty wind swept forms radiate a beautiful vibrant soothing energy. ⁣

Levels pink, grey, white and earthy tones come together for a very quiet but striking landscape view. ⁣

I have used delicate colours striving for a rejuvenating feel in mineral muted pink, fawn, grey and bright white in this semi abstract landscape. ⁣

- Kathleen Rhee⁣

Acrylic on custom made canvas. ⁣

Delicate Shallows⁣
Kathleen Rhee ⁣

Available from:⁣

150 3

Long light diffracts and diffuses across the rejuvenating landscape.⁣

Painted on 100% cotton canvas and oil paint applied with brushes in an impressionistic loose style. ⁣

- Michelle Keighley⁣

Oil on stretched canvas. ⁣

Intuition No 4⁣
Michelle Keighley ⁣

Available from:⁣

97 4

These tail feathers were naturally moulted out and ethically sourced.⁣

Each feather has been individually photographed using a macro lens to pick up every single delicate detail. ⁣

Angela then composited the feathers together in an arrangement likened to if the feathers had naturally fallen.⁣

Fine art limited edition photographic montage print. ⁣

Yellow-tailed, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Feather Study⁣
Angela Robertson-Buchanan⁣

Available from:⁣

91 4

Our 2021 Art Lovers Collectors Book is almost here ... stay tuned.

There’s a whole lot of incredible talent to be discovered 💗

Cover: @lixnorth

85 3

Set against his signature modern titanium white back drop to bring focus entirely to the avian subject. ⁣

The Australian red-tailed black cockatoo has long been a favourite subject, and this work represents a new zenith in technical skill and composition. ⁣

Acrylic paint and graphite pencil. ⁣

The Lion’s Roar ⁣

View more of REK'S work here:⁣

176 5

#Repost @art4_wellness
Be YOU, you beautiful creatives!
Repost @onepieceaweek
#artquotes #artinspiration #creativelife #artlife #art4_wellness #artforwellness #beyourself #yoursoulknows #yoursoulisalwaysguidingyou

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Here I am trying to convey a atmosphere of calmness. ⁣

This is a deep water drop off, at Arlington reef, a close inner reef off the North Queensland coast line near Cairns. ⁣

This painting represents the results of mixing media, with chemistry between pigments creating dynamic compositions as they attract and repel. ⁣

Pouring my scenes into place to manipulate them further into the impressions of Coral Reefs and Channels. ⁣

- Petra Meikle de Vlas⁣

Mixed Media fluid painting on a wooden panel. ⁣

Afternoon on Arlington⁣
Petra Meikle de Vlas⁣

Available from:⁣

123 6

An original acrylic painting of kruseana leaves in a lead crystal vase. ⁣

The beautiful and hardy eucalyptus kruseana, makes its own intricate formations and reaches out to the viewer as it escapes it confines.⁣

The inspiration for this painting is the fluid and seemingly unstructured flow of the branches and leaves contrasted against the rigid crystal.⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Sigrid Patterson ⁣

Available from:⁣

129 3
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