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The curation of a work space is an important step in the process of any business. The physical environment of your company can either help or hinder your success.

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2020 03 27

Corporate Art Sales: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Art for Corporate Offices

 Since David Rockefeller decided that he wanted to acquire art for Chase Manhattan Bank in the 1950s, corporate art sales have been more than just something nice to look at on the wall of your offices.

The largest collection of curated art belongs to the Deutsche Bank – over 70,000 pieces have been added to that collection – while some are on display, the rest are an investment made under the advice of art consultants and dealers.

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we make it easy for you to acquire corporate art services, whether you are looking to invest in art or just choose some pieces to give you corporate office wall art ideas.

Art Lovers Australia supports emerging and mid-career artists with an online gallery to connect them with buyers – and it could not be easier to find art for commercial spaces.

Weste Of Dreams Tania Chanter Easel


Why Choose Art for Your Corporate Spaces

 There are several reasons that you might choose to fill your space with original art.

Art can send a message to your clients, emphasising your company ideals, mission, and values. Art itself is visually pleasing and as an addition to any space can transform it from bland and boring to beautiful. Of course, if you choose a more challenging piece, something abstract for example, it also becomes a talking point and a conversation starter, encouraging your clients to think deeply about meaning.

Many studies have shown that art can motivate and uplift employees, adding vibrancy to your workplace culture. The right art brings excitement, encouraging all staff to work to their full potential and enjoy being in the office.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Art

When it comes to choosing the right corporate art sales you will notice that there are no shortage of corporate art services and dealers who can offer you as many styles, mediums and themes as you could possibly want.

Art Lovers Australia offer that and so much more. We work with young and emerging artists who cover a wide range of styles, so no matter what you want your art to say you can find the message with us.

When you are considering the art to choose, you need to know your brand. What do you represent, what is your culture like, how do you identify with your mission and values – and how does that translate into the perfect art for your offices? Are you young, fun, and full of energy, more suited to a street art or pop art theme? Or are you more traditional and sombre, needing a classical style?

Who is going to see this art? Are your offices likely to host clients, or is it just for the benefit of employees? The art you choose should enhance the experience of your clients and staff, and that should be the main aim of your choice.

No Unicorns

No Unicorns Live Here #5 by LLEWELLYN SKYE

As a philanthropic decision, supporting emerging artists is an investment in culture that allows you to get involved in defining your corporate identity. Art for the benefit of all – and a great way to create a collection that does not necessarily involve millions of dollars of investment.

You can see the artworks for sale throughout our site, and we make it easy for you to filter by theme, colour and style – so you can choose the exact piece that means the most to you and suits your business the best. Of course, many of our artists accept commissions, so if you love a style but want something a bit more personal or unique, you can work with one of our local artists to create your own piece.Button Browse Artworks

Filter your artwork search by theme, size, price, colour or orientation.

Tangled March2020 New 1024x765


Look around and get to know our artists, and if you need any advice then our corporate art sales team are on hand to answer your questions and help you find your perfect collection.

Whatever industry a business happens to be operating in, it’s always important to be continuously looking for new, powerful and innovative ways to enhance and improve productivity and performance, and to achieve better results. And across Australia, more and more firms are coming to discover just how many benefits there can be from investing in art for business purposes.
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The Benefits of Investing in Corporate Art

Regardless of whether you choose to buy art for office spaces where your employees work or to adorn the walls of those places on site where you entertain guests and seek to win new customers and contracts, you can be sure that art for your business and office will provide you with a number of powerful benefits.

For one thing, plenty of research has shown just how successful corporate art is when it comes to creating a creative, inspiring workplace environment for staff. Nobody wants to work in an unattractive and/or banal environment, and office art can ensure that your team don’t have to.

With more highly inspired and motivated staff, you can be confident that your workplace will reap the rewards of higher levels of creativity and productivity, along with a generally enhanced group dynamic and team morale.

Plus, a corporate art collection can help to build your brand image, and to showcase your firm’s sophistication and community connections to all potential clients, thereby increasing your chances of winning new contracts.

The Best Place to Buy Art for Your Business and Office

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to buy corporate art to boost staff creativity and morale and build a more engaging, sophisticated corporate image in the eyes of your customers, the next step is deciding where to purchase your artwork from.

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we’re committed to maintaining our nationwide reputation for being one of the very best places to buy corporate art in Australia. Founded and managed by genuine, lifelong art enthusiasts, Art Lovers Australia is the premium place for browsing and purchasing top-quality art from across the country.

We work tirelessly to actively seek out the most innovative and inspiring works of art currently being produced by contemporary Australian artists, before serving as the bridge which connects these incredible paintings, drawings and sketches to both individual and corporate buyers all across Australia at fair and competitive prices.

Free Shipping of Art for Business, Australia-Wide

At Art Lovers Australia, we know that finding and showcasing the best works of art from Australia’s most talented emerging artists is only one part of the role of a successful online gallery. We’re equally committed to ensuring that buyers are able to access the artwork they love in a way which is convenient and affordable for them.

As a result, we’re proud to offer free delivery of all works of art, absolutely anywhere in Australia. And if, for whatever reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with the artwork you receive, you can be confident that we’ll always accept returns and issue refunds as part of our 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

Contact a member of the team today to find out more information about our services, or browse our online store now to find the beautiful works of art which will transform your corporate environment!
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