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Art Lovers Australia is an online gallery created by artists for lovers of art.

The best place to buy art online with a wide variety of talented, emerging, Australian artists with paintings for sale as well as photography, sculpture, drawings and a large range of limited edition art prints.

  • Mock Up Poster Frame In Hipster Interior Background, Scandinavia


    Sold By: Cihan BektasRead more
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  • Light 1

    `Morning Light` – landscape watercolour painting

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaRead more
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  • A Melange 54x38cm Marijke Lambregtse

    ‘a Mélange’ contemporary mixed media artwork

    Sold By: Marijke LambregtseAdd to cart
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  • ‘Clams and Damselfish’ – An Ocean View of a Coral Reef

    Sold By: Jenny BerryRead more
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  • Full 1

    ‘F’ is For Frog

    Sold By: Cathy GildayRead more
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  • ‘Interloper’ – Cat Painting

    Sold By: Jane IannielloRead more
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  • Lassie Signature

    “Lassie come home” – original book cover illustration

    Sold By: Elena KolotushaAdd to cart
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  • 0fd9c11e 6fa3 4163 917d 469c8c47fc81

    “Little Fourteen-year-old Dancer” after Degas

    Sold By: Kerry InksterAdd to cart
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  • 1ryan

    “Ryan” – English Budgie portrait

    Sold By: Elena KolotushaRead more
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  • 1

    “Sunny” – Budgie portrait

    Sold By: Elena KolotushaRead more
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  • Img 0812

    (Sold)Sugared Almond Gelato

    Sold By: Lisa Wisse-RobinsonRead more
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  • C4d15a9f 5458 44e4 Bf2a 9c3461397178

    *ON SALE* Graceful Flow

    Sold By: Angela RoskellRead more
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About Us

The brain child of two art lovers, Art Lovers Australia is dedicated to helping art lovers to discover exciting new original works by emerging Australian artists.

By developing this collaborative online platform, we’ve built an art community where new artists can share their work and art buyers can find unique pieces that really speak to them and that aren’t available to buy anywhere else.

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Australian Art by Australian Artists

We’ve made our site one of the best places to buy Australian art online from up and coming contemporary Australian artists.

One of the best selections of Australian art for sale online from some of our newest artistic talent

Our site is more than just a place to find Australian art for sale. It’s a place where you can keep up-to-date with emerging Australian artists and the current art scene in Australia.

Huge Range of Australian Art

It gives art lovers everywhere the chance to snap up artwork from some of our most promising artists and for new Australian painters to showcase their work.

We provide a safe and secure environment for buying Australian paintings, offer free shipping throughout Australia, and we also give every customer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

Original Australian paintings from all around the country

Our Australian art gallery is just that. A gallery that contains paintings from artists from all over Australia. Many of our artists use the local landscapes as their inspirations, whether they’re painting in watercolours, using a mixed-media technique to create their artwork, or they’re producing a vibrant abstract to represent the vast oceans that surround us.

If you’re looking for original Australian paintings and Australian art prints from artists that have the potential to become household names, you’re going to find them here at Art Lovers Australia.

Join our Australian art community

We offer many ways to become involved in our Australian art community, whether you’re an artist yourself, an art lover, or you’ve always wanted to learn to express yourself through art.

We offer art workshops and retreats so that you can learn new techniques or perfect the ones you already use, together with guided art tours.

Australian Art For Sale Online

They’re the perfect way to explore the Australian artworld in the company of art experts and enthusiasts. And if you want to give the gift of art, gift vouchers are available so that the recipient can choose their own painting or enrol on one of our workshops, retreats or tours.

Why Support Australian Artists?

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we are all about the talents of emerging and mid-career Australian artists, and we have set up an entire online gallery to bridge the gap between artists and collectors in a simple and easy way.

Art Lovers Australia was founded in 2016 by Nancy Donaldson and Jarrod Knight – both artists and art lovers, who wanted to find the best way to help artists thrive. While galleries are a great way for an artist to gain exposure, there is only so much space in a traditional, bricks and mortar, gallery – and that is why this online service exists. With more than 1,000 talented Australian watercolour artists featured, there are more than 30,000 carefully curated artworks available in a range of mediums and styles – perfect for the discerning buyer. We guarantee not only the highest quality art but help our artists to gain the exposure and income they need to continue pursuing art full time.

Supporting Australian artists by finding the perfect pieces of Australian art for sale online is simple when you choose Art Lovers Australia.

Why Famous Australian Painters are so Important?

Australian paintings have a history that goes back more than 30,000 years – when Aboriginal tribes created rock paintings to serve several purposes – from decorative to ceremonial.

The influence of colonial settlement from 1788 brought landscapes to Australia, and in general terms Australian painters have followed a similar, if distanced, trend to European and American art – from modernism through to post-modernism and all the sub-genres in between.

However, the influence of Aboriginal art has lasted through this period too, coming to life on an international stage with the 1971 ‘Dreamtime’ series of Australian paintings that were created by Aboriginal artists, reproducing their cultural stories about creation, people, animals, and customs on canvas.

In the late 1980s a postmodern aesthetic emerged in Australian watercolour artists, where globalisation, decolonisation and mass media became the focus of work that would lead to the boom around 1995 of young artists taking on new mediums, especially photography.

Throughout all this, the Aboriginal identity can be seen in Australian art galleries through instantly recognisable dots, blocks of colour, charged negative space and gestural brushstrokes that speak to a collective sense of sacred knowledge.

Contemporary Australian artists have a keen sense of their geographical location and cultural heritage, fusing the Western and the Aboriginal through use of varying techniques, imagery and medium.

The Best Collection of Watercolour Australian Art Online from Art Lovers Australia

We believe that we have one of Australia’s most comprehensive and successful online galleries because we offer access to the work of famous Australian painters. We only accept one in 25 artists on average that apply to work with us – so you know that you are buying quality when you find art with us.

We know that part of the wonder of buying Australian art prints or work by Australian watercolour artists is seeing how it looks in person – and with our Australia-first augmented reality app, you can put the art on your wall before you buy thanks to our technology.

Choose Art Lovers Australia (leading collections of local artists paintings for sale online), as your preferred place to buy the work of Australian artists and know that you are not only supporting the arts but getting the very best pieces for your home or business.

We are able to deliver you only the best Australian art all over the map. From Gold Coast all the at to art for sale in Brisbane.

If you’re an artist and would like the chance to have your work included in our gallery, please get in touch with us now. We’ve made it our aim to help emerging artists share their work and make an income.

Contact Us About Australian Art

If you’re looking to buy a piece of art or just want to know more, sign up to our newsletter to keep up with all that’s new in the Australian art scene. Of course, you can also keep up to date by joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Art Lovers’ original art online Australia not only provides the best paintings for sale online, but also abstract art online, and australian art for sale. View our online art gallery to see our range

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