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  • Twilight At The Beach

    Sold By: Robert MortimerRead more
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  • Mock Up Poster Frame In Hipster Interior Background, Scandinavia


    Sold By: Cihan BektasRead more
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  • Light 1

    `Morning Light` – landscape watercolour painting

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaRead more
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  • ‘Clams and Damselfish’ – An Ocean View of a Coral Reef

    Sold By: Jenny BerryRead more
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  • ‘Interloper’ – Cat Painting

    Sold By: Jane IannielloRead more
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  • ‘Movement’

    Sold By: TillianRead more
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  • 90b3f465 633c 4dc0 Bdff 650836560923

    *ON SALE* Engaging Nature

    Sold By: Angela RoskellRead more
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  • C4d15a9f 5458 44e4 Bf2a 9c3461397178

    *ON SALE* Graceful Flow

    Sold By: Angela RoskellRead more
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  • 320c25f1 1d84 4b21 A83e 2a30c7cb1342

    *ON SALE* Marble Sands

    Sold By: Angela RoskellRead more
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  • *SOLD* Extremely Limited Edition Fine Art Reproductions Available (see other art) Sunrise Over a Queensland Farmland

    Sold By: Scott NeilRead more
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  • Image.sml


    Sold By: Bronwyn MortonAdd to cart
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  • 06052021.sml


    Sold By: Bronwyn MortonAdd to cart
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If you love landscape paintings, choose from our wide range of talented, emerging Australian artists who specialise in this theme.

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Regardless of whether you’re an emerging artist looking for a way to break into the industry or simply an art lover who prefers to explore the work of less well-known artists, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of just how difficult it can be for emerging artists to break into the art industry.

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Are You Looking for Landscape Paintings for Sale Online?

Despite significant demand from both artists and art buyers for galleries that invest more heavily in new, emerging artists, the sad reality is that many art galleries simply aren’t in a position to take on the risks and costs traditionally associated with doing so.

Fortunately, a solution does exist. Here at Art Lovers Australia, we’ve created a contemporary art gallery that operates as a web-based business.

This means that we’re not constrained by the same risks and costs that trouble other art galleries, leaving us free to judge submissions based solely on merit and quality – and never on the prior reputation of the artist.

Quality Landscape Paintings for Sale

If you’re looking for landscape paintings for sale and are interested in work by emerging and generally less well-known artists, you’ve come to the right place.

At Art Lovers Australia, we always have a huge range of different landscape paintings by artists whose talent will astound you – but who you’d probably never have heard of otherwise!

Whilst we’re proud to be a leading marketplace for independent, emerging artists and their fans across Australia, we’re also proud to be so much more than just a place to sell and buy landscape paintings online.

At Art Lovers Australia, we’ve created a vibrant community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life across the country.

We’re all united by our love of art and our passion for appreciating the work and efforts of emerging artists, and as a result the website serves as a place for artists and art lovers to share ideas, get inspired and discover new work and new trends.

So if you’re currently struggling to get your foot in the door of the art industry and you’re finding that too many art galleries appear to be more interested in your credentials and your existing reputation than the quality of your artwork, Art Lovers Australia is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

More than Just Landscape Paintings for Sale Online at Art Lovers

Simply get in touch with us to discuss how we operate and learn more about our submissions process and criteria, and soon you could be kick starting your career as a professional artist by selling your own landscape paintings online on our website!

Alternatively, if you’re simply an art lover looking to buy landscape paintings online, just browse our range and place your order and we’ll deliver your chosen piece straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Art Lovers is Australia’s leading supplier of art for sale online. we specialise in acrylic paintings, landscape paintings, colour photography, fine art prints, mordern art paintings & surrealist artwork. Check out our art galleries in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Hobart.

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