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Art Gallery Queensland

Visit our new Queensland Gallery!


Unit 14, Brickworks Annex
19 Warehouse Road, Southport Qld 4215

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Opening hours:

Mon ~ Thurs | 9.30am – 4pm
Fri & Sat | 9.30am – 2pm


Art Lovers Australia are, and have been, one of Australia’s top online art galleries since 2016.

They now have a physical gallery space for art lovers to visit on the Gold Coast where they showcase a selection of their vast pool of emerging Australian artists.

Workshops Available

Also on offer are workshops for those that want to get creative and learn from experienced artists.

Art Workshops Gold Coast

Art Workshops On Gold Coast View Schedule


Discover Gold Coast art to buy from top emerging Australian artists.

Browse Australia’s premier, curated, online gallery or visit our new Gold Coast gallery space.

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Gold Coast artist: TANIA BLANCHARD

2020 02 23


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Visit Our Beautiful Art Gallery in Queensland

Art Lovers Australia (leading collections of local artists paintings for sale online), is an online marketplace designed specially to connect art creators with art lovers. We wanted to cultivate an inclusive space that helps emerging artists get their work out to a wider audience and provide art enthusiasts with access to who could be their next favourite artist. Now, we have a physical art gallery in Queensland which showcases an exclusive selection of artwork from some of our emerging artists. In our opinion, seeing art in the flesh is one of the best ways to experience it. We’ve created a way to do just that. Read more…

We’re located at the Brickworks Annex retail park in Queensland, perfectly situated for all art lovers along the Gold Coast. Visit us at any time between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Thursday, or 9.30am till 2pm on Fridays and Saturdays. See for yourself a diverse and beautiful selection of just some of the artwork we have on offer.

Discover a World of New Artwork at Our Queensland Gallery

Art in Queensland art gallery is constantly evolving, with new styles being explored every day. If you’re an art enthusiast searching for new galleries in Queensland, do consider visiting us. Check out our selection of 20 Gold Coast artists and see the wide range of styles we have on offer. Pay a visit to our new art gallery in Queensland, and their work just might be amongst the selection we showcase.

Are you feeling inspired by the artwork you’ve seen, and wanting to give it a go yourself? Why not try out a workshop at our QLD art gallery? Perhaps you want to try your hand at watercolours, or traditional indigenous techniques like Yugambeh weaving. For a full list of our upcoming workshops, both online and at our QLD art gallery, visit our art workshops page. There you’ll find details on what each workshop involves, information on the workshop leader, and how to secure yourself a ticket. We hope to see you there!

If you’re an art lover who is keen to add to your collection, check out the range of art for sale in Queensland, at our QLD art gallery shop. All of our showcased art is available to purchase, and if you don’t find the perfect artwork, you’ll at least get more of an idea about what it is your looking for, as well as any emerging artists you might like to look into. Perhaps you’re looking for some superior Queensland modern art? Visit us today and see what we have on offer.

Connect with Famous Queensland Artists

If you’re looking to get involved with Australia’s vibrant and thriving local art scene or hoping to connect specifically with Queensland artists names you’ll recognise, and Queensland artists names you’ll be delighted to discover – we at Art Lovers Australia (leading collections of local artists paintings for sale online), have created an accessible hub for creators and consumers alike.

We are more than just an online art shop, though we have an extensive and varied catalogue catering to a wide range of tastes, including abstract art, aboriginal art, landscapes, street art, still life, and more; and our mission isn’t just to provide you art that you’ll love. We strive to form genuine relationships between our artists and their patrons. That’s why, through our attractive and easy-to-use website, you can search for famous Queensland artists whose work and personalities resonate with you. Whether you’re searching for new artists, our twenty top sellers, our featured artists – who knows who you might stumble across!

We’ve made it easier than ever before for you to browse their portfolios, read their bios, and reach out if you like what you see! You can buy completed pieces, or even get in touch to commission a new piece of your very own! That’s what we’re all about: initiating conversations and growing the communities and buzz around our talented group of creators.

Best Collection of Famous Queensland Artists at Art Shop?

We believe there’s no such thing as ‘just’ an art shop, as any business that connects creators and consumers is doing a very important job that greatly benefits our society and culture! However, we do offer services other than, or additional to, the buying and selling of art. Through our education hub, you can learn about events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and more. Through our blog, you can read about art, culture, and exhibitions, and discover interviews with established or up and coming artists – meaning your finger is always on the pulse of the latest developments in the fast-moving art world!

And if you’re not sure where to begin, we’ll be happy to listen to your wants and needs and help you identify the artist and pieces for you with our art consultancy service! Our Art Lovers Prize celebrates and uplifts exceptional artists, giving them a platform and a voice to which they may not previously have had access.

Looking for a Queesnland Artists Name? Check Out Art Lovers Australia

Absolutely! Our site isn’t a one-way purchasing mechanism. In fact, that’s the gap we identified and sought to fix when we created our community hub! If you are an artist, it’s our goal to recognise your talent and skills and connect you with appreciative buyers with whom you can build a longstanding relationship! If you are trying to fin a specific Queensland artist name we can also help you with that as well! We like to call ourselves a bridge between artists and their dreams, and since we know how hard it is to break into the creative industry, we wanted to create a space in which talented artists can gain the recognition they so sorely deserve. Our curated gallery is a wonderful way to showcase your work, and we would be delighted to receive your application! Simply fill in the online form on our page entitled “sell your art”, and we’ll be in touch very soon…

So, whether you’re looking to showcase your art, or discover a new piece that makes your heart sing, reach out to as at Art Lovers Australia today!

We showcase a variety types of art including charcoal art and Torres Strait Islander art on our online store for Australian artists.

Best QLD Art Gallery: Contact Art Lovers Australia Today

We hope to see you at our Queensland art gallery soon. In any case, whether you’re an art lover or art creator, we’d love to hear from you. We are contactable by phone on 1800 ART LOVER (1800 278 568) or by email at Alternatively, fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. We’re available to chat with you any time between 9.30am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

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We also provide showcasing art gallery Surfers Paradise and Noosa art gallery on our online store for Australian artists. …Hide Content

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