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Unit 14, Brickworks Annex
19 Warehouse Road, Southport Qld 4215

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Opening hours:

Mon ~ Thurs | 9.30am – 4pm
Fri & Sat | 9.30am – 2pm


Art Lovers Australia are, and have been, one of Australia’s top online art galleries since 2016.

They now have a physical gallery space for art lovers to visit on the Gold Coast where they showcase a selection of their vast pool of emerging Australian artists.

Workshops Available

Also on offer are workshops for those that want to get creative and learn from experienced artists.

Art Workshops Gold Coast

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Discover Gold Coast art to buy from top emerging Australian artists.

Browse Australia’s premier, curated, online gallery or visit our new Gold Coast gallery space.

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Gold Coast artist: TANIA BLANCHARD

2020 02 23


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Regardless of whether you’re an artist seeking a platform from which to sell their work and gain recognition or simply someone who enjoys and appreciates art, it can often feel like a lot of work to find communities of like-minded individuals with whom to share ideas and discover new and inspiring art and artists.

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Here at Art Lovers Australia, we know only too well just how easy it can be to become disheartened in the world of art, where galleries are sadly very often forced to turn away highly talented artists due to limited resources.

But we’re on a mission to ensure that Australian artists – both established and emerging – don’t fall out of love with their passion. And in the process, we hope we can bring some of Australia’s newest and most inspiring artwork into the lives of art lovers across the country.

Discover New Art for Sale

Gold Coast residents who are looking for a place to discover the most exciting new works of art by the very best and most inspired emerging and mid-career artists have come to the right place.

Art Lovers Australia – The Home of The Original Art for Sale in Gold Coast

Finding the perfect piece of art for sale on the Gold Coast could be the finishing touch to your space, whether it is in your home or your office.

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we have created the perfect online gallery for you to find beautiful and unique art that will fill blank walls with the art of emerging and mid-career Australian artists. More than just an art gallery on the Gold Coast, we are a bridge between the artist and the collector, giving space and support to more than 1,000 of the very best artists in Australia and making it simple for buyers to find the right piece.

Traditional art galleries offer so much – from displaying art and providing a way to support artists – but an art gallery on the Gold Coast only has so much wall space whereas we can display more than 30,000 pieces of expertly curated pieces.

How to Buy Wall Art on the Gold Coast

Whether you are new to art or a seasoned collector, Art Lovers Australia makes it simple to buy art on the Gold Coast.

Art is the most wonderfully subjective thing that you can buy, and the right piece can demonstrate so much about you, your personality, your hopes and dreams, and what attracts you. Of course, great art is about so much more than being pleasing to the eye – often it is an investment, that despite the volatility of the financial markets only seems to increase in value. Investing in the right pieces in an wall art Gold Coast could end up being a savvy financial move – if done in the right way.

The setting that you will have your art will help you to decide what you are looking for in terms of style. There are many themes in art, and different mediums, techniques and media used. Original art on the Gold Coast can make a real statement whether it is being displayed in your home or in an office.

Corporate art can be found in any gallery Gold Coast, but since the 1950s the biggest and best businesses have spent time finding the right pieces and this is something that you should do too. The right art can send a message – is your business vibrant and hip, or classic and professional?

In the home, original art for sale on the Gold Coast can make a bold statement and really complete a room, whether you choose a piece that complements your design ideas or creates a focal point of contrast.

Buying Art Gallery Wall Art on the Gold Coast in Australia

The unique way we do business here at Art Lovers Australia means that we can accurately measure our success by the way we support emerging artists and provide unrivalled access to new and unique wall art Gold Coast.

As you browse through the pieces, we have available, you can use our ground-breaking augmented reality app to see what each work would look like on your wall – at true size. This is an Australian first and has been in use since 2019, making it easier to choose the perfect piece. You can buy safely and securely, and we ship Australia-wide for free, with a seven-day satisfaction guarantee. Pay immediately using credit or debit card, or spread the payments equally – either way, you will get your artwork delivered quickly and sympathetically, so you can enjoy your investment sooner than you might think.

Trust Art Lovers Australia (leading collections of local artists paintings for sale online), as the best place to find affordable, original art for sale on the Gold Coast.

We are able to deliver you only the best Australian art all over the map. Not only Gold Coast but also art for sale in Brisbane.

The art for sale Gold Coast customers will find here at Art Lovers Australia has all been carefully selected due to its artistic merit and quality – and, because we’re so committed to providing a platform to emerging artists who otherwise might have been unable to get their foot in the door, you can be confident that you’ll find plenty of unique, magnificent artwork which would otherwise probably have slipped under your radar!

Become Part of a Vibrant Community

At Art Lovers Australia, we’re committed to being so much more than just an online art gallery.

Gold Coast artists and art lovers who come to our website will certainly find an excellent place to buy and sell works of art, but they will also find something more than that. They’ll also find a vibrant community of people from many different backgrounds from all across Australia who are all united by their love of art and their desire to create, share, inspire and be inspired.

Australian Art, Australia-Wide

If you live in the Gold Coast and you’re looking to buy art online, you can be confident we’ll deliver direct to your front door – and, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return your item for free within 7 days.

So if you’re looking to buy, browse our extensive range of new and exciting art by talented Australian artists today, and the latest addition to your collection will soon be on its way to your door.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell or simply get involved in the community, simply take a look around the website and get in touch for more information regarding submissions.

Art Lovers is Australia’s leading supplier of art for sale online. we specialise in acrylic paintings, landscape paintings, colour photography, fine art prints, mordern art paintings & surrealist artwork. Check out our art galleries in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Hobart.

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