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Carita Farrer Spencer is an Artist who celebrates beauty and quirkiness in equal measure. Her style is described as a cocktail of contemporary modern expressionism, mixed with edible colour palettes and her strong signature graphic twist.

Carita is also a commission artist and relishes the opportunity to create bespoke artworks for her clients unique needs.

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About Carita Farrer Spencer

“I grew up with a grandmother who was a painter and a mother who was a performer. I guess it’s no surprise that I am both.

I have been a professional performer for over 2 decades and I am also married to an actor. My husband and I have two children and together as a family we have always lived a life outside the box, working in shows all around the country as well as touring internationally with Cirque du Soleil. I am drawn to unconventional beauty and I have a passion for making the ordinary extraordinary.

I love to paint with acrylics as their quick drying time allows me to be spontaneous. When I paint it feels like playing Jazz. It’s a language. A conversation. Sometimes whispered, sometimes loud and boisterous but always rich with layers and full of surprises. These improvisations are influenced by what I see in the world around me, or a current obsession I have or the mood I’m wanting to conjure.  I use conscious interior design themes and colours but these are always expressed with complete spontaneity. There’s a newness in each improvised layer that can only come from where I’m at, in that moment. I put my heart into each painting in the hope that the work will find its way into someone else’s heart and home.” CARITA

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