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Art Lovers Australia Prize 2022 ~ Winners

The votes have been cast, discussed and our judges decisions are made.

Here are our winners for 2022

Navid Sangeeta Mahajan Fine Art Photography Art Lovers Australia Prize 2022 Winner




Judges comments…

Sangeeta Mahajan’s Navid is a moving portrait of longing and displacement. The subject of this compelling photograph is not a visitor in this universal migrant story. Although wearing assumed dress, a ruff collar and shirt, he is a cultural being nursing an instrument which articulates the voice of his ancestors, close yet distant. Despite the existential threat to cultural identity and tradition in a foreign land, he holds on to that which he cannot release. The artist has deftly staged this image like a director to create an unforgettable work that is dramatic and bittersweet.

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Cara Shields Artlovers Aboriginal Art Scar Tree Lines 800x810 (1)

Aboriginal Art & Torres Strait Islander Art Award

Scar Tree Lines by CARA SHIELDS

Judges comments…

Both startling and inventive, Scar Tree Lines by Cara Shields transposes the Wiradjuri cultural tradition of incised dendroglyphs and the unfussy and straightforward medium of linocut. Her skilfully arranged assemblage of designs creates a bold sense of movement much like ancestral stories and the features of Country might be represented on the lining of a possum skin cloak. The artist clearly understands how visual tradition might be treated in a contemporary way, introducing spare colour and texture to create a work that honours the past and signals the future.

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Min Ray Passion Geometric Abstraction Hard Edge Full 800x1068

Abstract Art Award

Passion by MIN RAY

Judges comments…

The judges were impressed by the high level of skill evident in this hard-edged geometric abstraction. Min Ray has effectively used colour and shape to not only create a visually stimulating experience but to also realise a depth in the work which encourages the viewer’s eye to explore further.

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Space Invaders 1 800x384 (2)

Figurative/Portrait Award

Space Invaders by ZDRAVKO

Judges comments…

Space invaders is a truly imaginative and epic figurative work that gives the viewer so much to ponder. It’s a both playful and disturbing screenshot of the disruption of human intimacy by techno distraction and an emphatic distillation of our continued proximity. Referencing both classical alter pieces and 20th century cinematic futurism and more contemporaneous South Korean social commentary the Humans of Space Invaders ‘ are on the move together to an unknown destination but seem to be paying little attention to where and what that place may be. We commend the artist for the ambition of the work and the highly personal iconography he has realised. This work would be comfortable in any international art fair and provokes thought and deeper contemplation by the viewer.

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Cornwell Alicia Turquoise Waratah On Australiana 1 1 800x997 (1)

Still Life Award

Turquoise Waratah on Australiana by ALICIA CORNWELL

Judges comments…

Alicia Cornwall has successfully captured the busyness of this still life’s colourful, pattern-rich fabric in the foreground with the waratah in its vase resting above it. The contrasting quietude of the neutral background and interesting negative space around the flower and foliage contributes to the harmonious balance in this work.

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Colours Of The Industrial Landscape 800x316 (1)

Landscape Award

Colours of the Industrial Landscape by MICHAEL CAWDREY

Judges comments…

Drawing authentic inspiration from his position as a nightwatchman in the industrial Brisbane suburb of Pinkenba, Michael Cawdrey’s parked tanker emphasizes a stillness under a vast evening sky as the city sleeps in contrast to the continued activity of industry. This seemingly simple yet complex scene possesses an untraditional beauty and celebrates the often unconsidered vital operations that keep us connected and resourced.

See more work by Michael



User 24165 Jaq Grantford 2021 12 09 T 11 37 43 270 Z Jacki Weaver 800x804

Jacki Weaver – Complex Simplicity by JAQ GRANTFORD

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Danny Lee Abstract Art

Seventeen Soldiers by DANNY LEE

See more work by Danny




3. Mystery Woman 800x800 (1)

The Girl In The Red Cloak by CHARLI SAVAGE

See more work by Charli


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