Writing An Artist’s Statement

Write an engaging artist statement

People buy art because they have been touched, spoken to, inspired or elevated.  Your artist statement and images help them connect with you and your art.  Make this experience personal and valuable. Make it easy for them to fall in love with your work.

Buyers want to connect with the artist.  Your artist statement is a chance to make that connection. Think about and include details of a couple of these…

  • The themes in your work and ideas you are communicating
  • Your art practice or process
  • What you love about the media you use
  • What you hope the audience gets from viewing your work
  • Who and What inspires you
  • How your experiences or background have shaped you as an artist.
  • Any significant Prizes, scholarships, artist residencies
  • Including a quote can engage people as they get to hear your voice.
  • A long list of exhibitions is simply disengaging unless of course it is significant like the Archibald !





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