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Art Lovers Australia Co-Founders: Jarrod Knight & Nancy Donaldson

Art Lovers Australia wants to make your dreams a reality. With passion, years of experience and a dedicated personal touch, we want to bridge the gap between artists and their dream careers, between your work and the appreciation it deserves.

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Tired of seeing the very best talents of emergent artists go unrecognised, Art Lovers Australia is dedicated to discovering and promoting these hidden gems. To giving the guidance and support you need for your career to take off. We want you recognised, empowered and appreciated.

Art Lovers Australia runs an online gallery and two physical gallery spaces – Melbourne and Gold Coast – to promote and share our passion for art.

Our gallery is curated and supportive, making your work available to art lovers worldwide, connecting your work directly with buyers, interior designers, TV shows and magazines. This platform comes with feedback and guidance aimed to seeing you reach your potential.

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“Art Lovers Australia is owned and run by people who truly care about the Australian artists they represent. They absolutely LOVE art and go out of their way to inform collectors about art movements, contemporary styling and make buying art online an exceptional experience for all involved.”

– Louise Isackson (artist) 

“We want art at the forefront of culture…”

“This is what we love…”

As artists ourselves, our mentoring is personal, focused on helping you develop your work and your career to the very best it can be. With our galleries, online platform, practical advice, and a helping hand with social media, we want Art Lovers Australia to be a cornerstone of Australian art, the go-to place for the best and freshest talent Australia has to offer.

Boac 2019

Art Lovers Australia’s The Business of Art Conference 2019


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