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2020 03 27

Whatever industry a business happens to be operating in, it’s always important to be continuously looking for new, powerful and innovative ways to enhance and improve productivity and performance, and to achieve better results. And across Australia, more and more firms are coming to discover just how many benefits there can be from investing in art for the medical industry.
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The Importance of Wall Art for Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare settings tend to be thought of as bland, sterile spaces full of worry. The need for cleanliness doesn’t always lend itself to interesting décor or art – but there are several studies recommending art to improve patient outcomes.

Wall art for hospitals can bring joy and comfort and increase the emotional well-being of patients and staff alike – so selecting the best art for your healthcare setting is imperative.

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we have over 10,000 pieces of original art from local emerging artists in our online gallery. We are known as a resource for corporate, hospitality and healthcare businesses for that perfect piece – and we are confident that if you want to buy art for your hospital or healthcare setting, you will find the perfect collection with us.

Ideally, the right wall art for hospitals and other healthcare settings helps patients and improves the overall aesthetic of your space – so, how can you choose the right art? We are here to help you with some tips on what to look for in your art choices.

What to Look for as Art for Hospitals

Studies and anecdotal evidence show that art for hospitals and other healthcare settings are part of a holistic view of improving patient experience and outcomes – there are many benefits to patients and staff of having artwork adorning the otherwise bland walls, but how do you choose?

It is a good idea to choose pieces that are gentle, nature-based or landscape themed. Lush green spaces evoke nostalgia and bring feelings of comfort. Thriving wildlife, beautiful scenes and pretty flowers are excellent choices, but avoid wintery or desolate scenes.

There are conflicting ideas about abstract art as a good choice for healthcare settings, but some abstract wall art for hospitals can have positive effects – especially if you are creating a modern setting. Sculpture and lighting are great ways to include abstract art into your setting; however, be aware that some believe the ambiguity and challenging nature can be seen as unsettling and make patients anxious.

Colour is another consideration for art – in the same way that choosing an appropriate palette for your walls is important, you need to look at the colours in your art. Cool colours are seen as relaxing, and adding some warmer or neutral tones can help provide balance, reducing the ‘sterile’, cold feel of your space. Some studies say that you should avoid red or yellow.

There is a fine balance to be struck between interesting art – not the bland, faceless prints that are found in waiting rooms across Australia – and making sure that you are working towards holistically improving patient outcomes. Much of that is to do with your taste, but it is always worth speaking to an expert, like Art Lovers Australia, for advice.

Get Advice on Choosing the Right Art for Hospitals and Healthcare

To make the right choice, you need to speak to the experts. It can be confusing choosing the right art for your setting – so many aspects to take into consideration, it can feel safer to opt for those bland watercolour landscape paintings.

Here at Art Lovers Australia we have over 500 emerging local artists who create art in every style, use every medium, and cover every theme, so we know you will find the right artist to create wall art for hospitals. Whether that is a piece already created, or a commission for something unique, we can help you decide.

Make use of our 20+ years as artists and in art education to help you make an informed decision and choose the best art for your setting – get in contact with us today.
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