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Ushi Grant

North East Victoria

I’m a photographer based in North-East Victoria, having recently made the tree-change from Melbourne. I’ve never been good with words, however I find the medium of photography assists me in getting my personal story across. I hope you enjoy my work.

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About Ushi Grant

I’m a photographer based in North-East Victoria. having recently made the tree-change from Melbourne.

Drawn to photographing life in the streets whether at home or during my travels, I’m endlessly fascinated by the stories contained in all of us and I love the way that we can find connections with others through these stories and through shared human experiences.

Since relocating to the countryside,  I’ve been exploring and photographing the local landscapes. With a focus on blending the aesthetics of abstraction and minimalism, I aim to capture a story, an idea or emotion through an image.

My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has appeared in Lonely Planet, Australian Traveller and Mobiography magazines and also on Getty Images.

Every single day for me brings something new and unexpected… I feel blessed to have something which ultimately challenges me and also brings great joy to my life.

I hope you enjoy my art.


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