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Theo Papathomas


Theo Papathomas is formally trained, having completed a BA in Fine art at RMIT University, full-time artist based in Melbourne Australia. Theo considers himself an experimental artist using different mediums and various styles always challenging his practice.

Artworks: 22

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About Theo Papathomas

Theo’s inspiration comes from being part of the Australian landscape, witnessing and experiencing the energy of its dramatic seasonal change. The richness and unpredictable command of intuitive painting capture Theo’s memories of the landscape’s mesmerizing rhythms. The Australian Landscape has an immense spirituality, which Theos aims to evoke in his constructed landscapes of images derived from life. The images and symbols which are represented in Theo’s work completely spontaneous and intuitive without using any drawings as a guide. Theo tries to charge his paintings full of emotion and spirituality, and transport the viewer into a new experience. Theo’s vibrant palette aims to capture the spirit of this land, often associated with the great Australian outback. I also love doing commissions.

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