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Tat Georgieva

Adelaide, South Australia

I am professional artist and mum of two beautiful children‚ living and working in Adelaide‚ SA.
Passionate about art and all things craft I gained my Uni degree in Visual Arts in 2001.

Artworks: 37

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About Tat Georgieva

My artworks are an echo of the eternal connection with landscape and nature. Bringing bright colours and organic forms together I create vibrant positive energy on the canvas, so it tranfers in a space where it’s going to live. Being in constant experiment with colour combinations and texture often you will see my artworks evolve slighty from one style to another, rarely by accident but rather driven by the desire to express the emotions deeper.

I use mostly eco-friendly non toxic professional acrylic paints and sometimes oil. All my artworks are protected with a good coat of varnish.

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