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Tania Weekes

Newcastle NSW

Tania is an abstract artist. Her paintings bring joy and colour into your world.

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About Tania Weekes

Hi there. I have been a practising artist for over 10 years. My paintings are colourful and expressive abstracts (sometimes realistic). Born in Sydney, my passion for art started at a very young age. When I was little I scribbled over anything and everything I could get my hands on,(much to my parent’s dismay). As I grew older I spent many hours in my bedroom sketching all sorts of imaginative images. Aliens were my favourite subject. I always had an interest in the bizarre and my drawings and my paintings portrayed that to the fullest.

About ten years after leaving school I decided to study art full time. I did the Associate Diploma In Fine Arts and then later the Diploma in Graphic Design. I also studied Calligraphy.
Over the last few years I have become very focused on my art. It is the only thing that really gives my fulfillment. A gift given to me by God and a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. I hope that my art brings more  joy and light into this world. If my paintings really touch someone’s heart it makes me feel like I am truly living my purpose.

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