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Susannah In Studio

Susannah Paterson

Neutral Bay, NSW

I am a painter, a potter living in and working from my home studio in  Neutral Bay, Sydney,
I pant what brings me joy – abstractive, imaginative and sometimes the surreal or impressionistic. My work evolves and develops as I grow. I am a clay worker too .. I like making unique pieces whether they be functional or sculptural.


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About Susannah Paterson

I have always been a treasure hunter. It’s a narrative I can track back to my earliest memories – being fascinated by the diamond trail of Jack Frost on the window pane on a Scottish winter morning, to scouring through the ancient Bronze Age settlement at the back of my childhood home hoping to find a remnant of lives lived thousands of years ago. Listening to stories of buried Viking hoards, aching to find one of my own. Hunting for ancient things in the ruins of the Norman castle on my father’s farm, which was rumored to have a long lost smugglers tunnel leading down to the cliffs below.

Later, when I became a therapist, I found myself learning to hunt for treasure in a different way .. finding the golden thread of hope, the trove of memory and meaning that would complete the picture and provide insight and healing. Now, as a painter, I realise I am doing the same thing. Each work is a new quest to find the treasure hidden somewhere in between the marks I make, my own unconscious mind and my conscious skill. I am looking for beauty, potential, duality and some narrative or universality that will provide a vehicle for conversation and reflection.

My paintings emerge from a meditative state – a little like self hypnosis. At first, I don’t think too much and just trust my unconscious mind to dictate the marks and the rhythm. I am looking for balance. I spend time contemplating, seeking out certain shapes that could be developed. Colours will set the mood, but then dark and light, perfect, imperfect, finished, unfinished, joy and sadness, complex and simple need to sit together in a harmonious way. I keep working until a story or theme emerges and I can look at the work as a whole and sense the golden thread of connection runs through it.

While my painting takes me into altered states of awareness, ceramics provides an important opposite of being grounded, and present. I seek to produce simple yet beautiful and unique functional pieces. Sometimes I like to make animal sculptures too, for fun, and to make myself smile .. I call these “dogimals”.

The treasure hunter is present as I explore the alchemy of elements involved in clay work. The elements of water, earth, fire and air are brought together to create a vessel or a sculpture in a way that I find delightful and inspiring.

Bringing both my art and ceramics together so that they compliment each other is ever my goal. Its a treasure hunt in itself that will never end.

My education is deep and wide in both the fields of psychology and art. I attended art school at Brookvale TAFE (2005 – 2008) and have always been a regular attendee of workshops and classes with various well known and respected artists. I was mentored for several years by the late Kerrie Lester.

My most recent solo show was titled Evocative, after the painting, and was an  online exhibition with the Contemporary Art Awards in Sept 2018.

I have also had two successful solo shows in Sydney – Journeys, Dreams and Daemons at the Ewart Gallery (2013) and Three Points of Attention at me artspace (2015). I have also been part of many group shows and art prizes since 2007, the most recent being Once By Happenstance at the Glass Gallery in Glebe, Sydney.

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