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Sunaina Dankher Lohkan


I am a visual artist. I have completed my bachelors of fine arts from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (INDIA) and master’s degree from IGNOU, New Delhi with a specialization in painting . My paintings have featured in several galleries in India and Abroad. I am currently living and working in Sydney.

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About Sunaina Dankher Lohkan

It is very difficult for me to explain to concept in words, so I select visual language to explain concept. When I begin new series of work I did totally begin with drawings that is mainly to find my way into the work. I think drawing is the best way to express feelings so honestly. To put it very simply for the concept that art is always about life for everyone I am sure and for me it is about my surrounding. My drawing work is based on spontaneity mode of my experience and feelings, It express the inner turmoil i go through. I attempt to capture not place but rather space that have a history and certain sense of mystery.

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