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Sioux Tempestt


Sioux Tempestt has been a practicing artist for the past six years. Her preferred mediums are acrylic paint, aerosol, pencil and oil stick. Sioux has been involved in many group shows and held six solo exhibitions. She is a two time Black Swan Heritage Prize Finalist and in 2017 a Finalist in the Busselton and Cliftons Art Awards, to name a few.

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About Sioux Tempestt

Sioux is constantly evolving her painting technique and pushing herself and her art practice. Sioux’s technique is intuitive and based on natural emotive responses to her surroundings and environment. Sioux’s mood determines the colour palette, the strength of the brush strokes, the form of the composition. She enjoys building up multiple layers, overlaying colours and mediums. Sioux often incorporate snippets or phrases into her pieces which influence the composition and colours. The words are carefully selected, captured at various moments in time for future reference. The use of aerosol is influenced by the urban art which strikes a particular chord with Sioux. The action of spraying aerosol paint as opposed to brushing on acrylic paint is an immediate and a freeing experience. Not unlike the euphoria experienced when creating street art in public.

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