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Gold Coast QLD

My newest body of work is abstract, with images of colour, form flow and texture, of waves and sky, all connected with the vital element of water.

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About Shell BANKIER

New work by Shell Bankier

The sea calls to all of us, in all of us the sea..

Inspired by the sea and sky, and the space between and beyond.

Set the mood of your space with deep inky colours and tones, silvery whites and forms of flow…melding sea and sky together for statement art.

I wanted to create a body of work, based on sea and sky, that presents a design-inspired focal point for a room based on mood, colour and form. I also wanted the work to hold a feeling of stillness and otherworldliness, with an ability to anchor the room in which is is presented.

In doing photography for over 15 years, and with an extensive, gorgeous collection of unique imagery, I love to create work that brings frozen moments of sea and sky, rhythm and substance onto our walls and into our hearts.

Moments of awe, moments of scope, these are beautiful original images created by the synthesis of our natural world with a unique camera eye, perfect to fill empty walls with grace and style.

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