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Sharon Lagden Art

Berry Creek Victoria

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About Sharon Lagden Art

When I moved my family from Brisbane to Leongatha in 2008 there were a few things I promised myself would change. After living and working the corporate world for many years I felt quite exhausted and restricted but the never ending deadlines and meetings that had controlled my every move from the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning till I switched off my laptop late into the evening.

There were three things on my list of things to do : –
1. Learn to play golf
2. learn to paint
3. Learn to ride a horse

Firstly I joined the local golf club at Woorayl and played many a round of golf with my mother and her friends, finally winning the D grade championship in 2012.

Secondly I started to paint. Never having studied art it was all new to me. In 2012 I purchased some paint and canvas form the local two dollar shop. The result I achieved was far from perfect, however I enjoyed myself enough to want mare.

I later joined the local Leongatha art group and dabbled in water colours for a couple of years.
I found that I surprised myself many times with the result of my paintings and they soon began to sell at local exhibitions. I enjoyed water colour however I still craved to do larger more bold and colourful paintings.

I enrolled in a 6 days course in Melbourne and finally discovered my passion.

Large, bold, flowers.

There is so much more to a flower than just it outward appearance. The varying shades of colour that bounce the light from shade to full colour within the petals. The form and fold of the petals as they twist and turn in and out of each other. The depth of colour as you look deeper into the centre and under the folds of the leaves and the petals. The subject becomes more of a puzzle than that of a one dimensional flower.

My favourite flower to paint are roses, especially the “peony rose” as it has so many petals that appear and then disappear, always leading the eye in another direction and picking up colour from its surroundings.

I use varying sized canvases depending on the subject and the area of the subject that I wish to capture. Sometimes it is the heart of the flower and other times it is the folds of the petals that are my main focus. I use Windsor and Newton acrylic paints as I love the boldness of the colours and the way they hold the colour true.

I intend to continue to paint and define my own style, always looking for the next subject that takes my interest. From our property in Boorool (Berrys Creek) I am fortunate enough to have a separate wing of the house devoted to art and have introduced overnight accommodation packages for those wishing to experience a country stay and painting classes.

On a last note, a friend from work finally convinced me to go horse riding with her this year. Although l would never profess to say I have learnt to ride a horse, I can now say that I have been on one.

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