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Ryan Findlay

Tweed Heads

Ryan employs vibrant, abundant, impressionist style strokes to imbue flow and movement into his pieces. His work provokes playful rhythms and raw emotional impact.

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About Ryan Findlay

I use oil paint to capture those often rare, fleeting moments when one feels totally absorbed in natural beauty. Moments like when you look up and notice the dappled sunlight coming through the branches of an overhead tree, or when you gaze out at the countryside just as the clouds become glowing canvases to the setting sun. It’s moments like these that remind us that we are actually part of something bigger than ourselves, and it is something truly majestic. Using vibrant, abundant, impressionist style strokes I imbue movement into the artworks to recreate the alive but transient nature that typifies such moments. And my hope is that this expansive feeling flows on from the canvases.

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