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Rose Marshall

Melbourne, Australia

Rose Marshall is an Australian artist working with abstraction, texture and colour.

Artworks: 8

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About Rose Marshall

Rose Marshall is an Australian based artist working with abstraction, texture and colour. She comes from an academic background with a University of Melbourne Masters consisting of studies in creativity, thinking and writing, and other postgraduate studies in communication, IT, education and wellness.
The artworks are layered with multiple reworks until the surface is a complex web of movement. The blue and white colour palette is recurrent but experimenting with colour to achieve new nuances is a regular practice. Colour is considered when the texture is perfected.
The expectation is that the final product will engage the viewer, free of any sensory inhibitions, in a unique and transcending manner. Rose’s internal struggle to find balance between experiential art and design restraint. This results in beautiful and calming works. Her artworks are all over Australia with select pieces in Europe in private collections.
She is obsessed with creating pieces for interiors as she loves the marriage of a blank wall and a stunning piece of art.

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