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Ric Burkitt

Perth, Western Australia

My abstract paintings explore composition in a purely intuitive process of production and destruction. Canvases are painted, sanded, scraped, scratched and repainted, destroyed and reborn, buried and unearthed.

As the work progresses I usually have little sense of what is to come, and from this chaos I peers into the darkness, watchful and ready, should clarity wrap an arm around me.

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About Ric Burkitt

I have no strategies when considering subject matter, and often there is no connection between one concept and the next, other than a wish to remain positive, to focus on the good, and be less cynical.

There are ideas lurking in conventional, mundane places and experiences, and I try to inspire them to become something more, to be an acceptable translation of that original vision. Things that we see but don’t always notice can be saturated with aesthetic possibilities.

Art, for me, does not provide answers to anything. Its language is mysterious and imprecise, and I am occasionally overwhelmed by the challenges it throws up. And like many artists, I am rarely satisfied with my work, but deliriously happy to be doing it.

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