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St Andrews Beach Victoria

“Embracing all parts of this persona that I am.

A prevailing matter is then a form of life where I am wise and have a hand full of texturing to accomplish by my own full progressive life undertaking.

So when in all that I am has this prevalence all I can be as is a one where I follow my heart as it makes its way forward and thus under this whole expression of what life has brought forward through my hand of life opportunities.

So when in all of this state of wellness I choose to elaborate all

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As I of course pursue all of my imagination, I am often asked why and by what means can you see this? I see all that I am resonating with in a heart felt expansion from the designs of my own imagination. It has and holds some form of resemblance as incandescent threads of light desiring to pursue their way forward, which springs forth from a deep well of inspired wisdom and understanding. As I witnessed this filament, it came to me to create it digitally as it pursued itself from within my own mind.
So this is the whole outcome of it. It vibrates to differing colors and has a sound basing system of its own. I can hear and see this as it flowingly unfolds from within my minds perspective.
So this is what my art is all about; the pure joys of seeing the ways beyond.
It comes and it goes as it pursues itself forward in various mediums. It feels unique to my senses and has a perfume of life giving to it.


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