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Petra Meikle de Vlas

Cairns QLD

I am a mixed media artist ranging from realism to abstract.

• 3-Dimensional Sculpture/Painting
• Wildlife, Nature, Ocean Art, Abstract
• Resin

Artworks: 121

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About Petra Meikle de Vlas

Thank you for your interest in my work. I am a 3D, mixed media, realism to abstract artist.

My FINE ART ( 3 dimensional sculpture paintings) is inspired by the natural world, this fine art collection is a combination of many materials and Mediums. The works are predominately 3 dimensional, mostly created using recycled materials ranging from cardboard, electrical wire, newspaper, wool, fabrics, plaster, clay and oil and acrylic paint. Oil paint is my main painting medium, but I am always experimenting with different mediums to achieve that perfect effect, striving for a strong, secure and tidy finish.

MY ABSTRACT -THE COLOURSCAPE COLLECTION    A touch of Impressionism and AbstractThe Colourscape collection represents the effects of reactions between mixed mediums. The power of the chemistry between these pigments carried by different mediums, attracting or repelling each other sometimes results in beautiful formations.Before being sealed, a single painting could have had multiple layers of work on it, ranging from the original pour, to sanding back looking for patterns under dried paint, rubbing in ink or more paint to stain or add colour, and in general working on and enhancing areas where possible.These Formations are then preserved by a coating of a premium quality finish (resin, satin or matte Varnish) on a ready-to-hang, multi-directional board.Like to see more details like side views, close up photos and or video of any of my artwork displayed on this site? Just request this through ARTLOVERS, and we will send through more details.If you would like something made up more to suit your colour/size/ mood etc, I can do something for you, your version as a commission, just get in touch with ARTLOVERS and we can work together on it.

Here is a Feature Article Art Lovers Australia created on me…… /

Commissions welcome! I have listed standard sizes below, please note I also offer custom sizing.

205 x 102 cm, Mixed Media on Wooden Board – $1980 (Clear Resin Coated extra $300)

1500 x 102 cm, Mixed Media on Wooden Board – $1200 (Clear Resin Coated extra $200)

100 x 102 cm, Mixed Media on Wooden Board – $890 (Clear Resin Coated extra $130)

50cm x 102 cm, Mixed Media on Wooden Board – $395 (Clear Resin Coated extra $90)

Prices may vary, please feel free to contact me for any further information


Many of my 3 dimensional paintings have been shipped Nationally and Internationally, and have all arrived at their forever homes safe and sound. We take great care in a tight secure pack, in a custom made wooden create. LAY-BY welcome, refer to ARTLOVERS for a lay- by option that suits you.

Top Categories:  • Abstract Art • Nature Art • Still-life Art.   Education:  • Self taught. Influences: • Annemieke Mein • Nature

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