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Patrycja Whipp

South Australia

Polish abstract artist living in Adelaide. Her rich in colour paintings often represent personal, psychological feelings and struggle between man and nature.

Artworks: 60

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About Patrycja Whipp

Putting paintbrush to canvas has always excited me.
Just take a glimpse at any of my pieces and it’s easy to see where I draw most of my inspiration – from nature and exotic trips I’ve embarked on around the world.
From these adventures, I always try to take a memory home with me. Whether the tropical birdlife, fragrant flowers or even tiny insects, they’ve all found their own little place in my world on canvas. They’re brought to life through the explosion of colour and texture.

My abstract works are created in acrylic, alcohol inks or resin, with a process called ‘flow-fusion’. The technique was inspired from the organic nature of liquid paint and the fluid look created by different colours running together. I also experiment with the pouring of paints onto canvas, manipulating it with a variety of methods, including gravity, to create a beautiful marbling effect and other unique finishes.
In my work I am inspired by life and movement, everything I see and the emotions and energy I experience. Conveyed through my abstract expressionist style, I focus on allowing the paint to lead me to face the unknown. Through an explosion of colours and emotion, my work showcases the dynamics of life through the movement of the abstract form and her rich palette.

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