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Nicole Maguire


Telling stories through painting, inspired by her current environment or places travelled, Nicole uses oils and gold leaf to express somewhat emotive connections . Usually employing oils and gold leaf, using small to large scale canvas, her work plays with energy, light and sentimental observation in accordance with the subject matter.

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About Nicole Maguire

Since graduating in Fine Art and taking a sidestep into graphic design, Nicole has grown her art practice to express a connection to her environment and experiences in an emotive language. Over the past 15 years the artist’s works have become a part of both corporate and private collections around Australia. Many of her pieces are connected to memories of home, the landscape of Tasmania, which still inform her colour palette today. Nicole moved to Sydney five years ago, following her inspiration to travel and further her subject matter. Recently returning from her first trip to Paris, inspiration and stories of her experiences inform her work today.

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