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Nicole Fearfield


I love to paint non-representationally as it requires the viewer to really stop and look; to seek a link between my experience and theirs.

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About Nicole Fearfield

My intention is to explore my experiences, asking what have I encountered, and how do I expressively paint the emotion of these to ignite a spark of familiarity, possibly trigger a moment of deja vu for the viewer? Theres an intermingling in my work of nature and nurture, a crossing over of adventures lived and emotions felt. I infuse the canvas with thoughts and feelings around experiences I’ve had, places I’ve been, distant countries and varied habitats I’ve lived in; city, coastal, desert and jungle.
Painting has called me to it for over a decade and it would seem futile to ignore that call given the feelings of freedom and happiness I derive from it. Before I pick up a brush, I quiet my thoughts and connect myself to some greater part of me or possibly outside of me, and when I achieve a state of blissful quiet I become a conduit for the flow of expressive marks onto canvas.
I am fortunate to have lived a varied life experience, travelling and exploring the world since my teenage years. The urge to paint is very strong within me and it delights me to think I might paint something that will bring joy or spark a happy memory in another.

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