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Nathan Paddison

Taree NSW

Self taught, art brut, naive artist. Abstract and unique style. Great investment.

Artworks: 11

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About Nathan Paddison

100% art brut, naive, self taught artist, using a completely unique style which comes from inside my heart. I like to play with colour using emotional brush strokes, abstract words often play a part. My style really likes to play with free lines and finding my inner child. I can’t stand anything that has been trained and will often close me eyes and hold the brush very loosely or use my left hand. I believe in art from the heart and not taught. I have a wealth of life experience in areas that a lot of artists wish they could draw from. I may come off a little obnoxious but I really believe in what I’m doing and the stories I’m telling. My life until a few years ago was completely dominated by addiction, crime, money, jail, gangs and broken hearts. Hence my style. The longer you look at my art the more youl’l see and feel what I feel. I hope you enjoy and invest in my art. Thank you.

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