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Monica Egan

Melbourne, Australia

Art has been my love and passion since I discovered it and has been a part of my growth and journey in life. As a child it began as something magical, an escape, a coping method and a way of expressing my unheard voice and feelings but has become what keeps me present and connected to myself and others.

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About Monica Egan

Trees are a source of life and visual beauty. This series was created and inspired by walks in Mother nature around the world. From the United States, California (El Moro Canyon, Crystal Cove, Yosemite National Park), Arizona ( Sedona National Park- Bell Rock Trail, Cathedral Rock), to Australia (Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges, Olinda Falls, Hanging Rock), to Mexico ( San Pedro del Gallo, Durango). Going out on these nature walks meant going in. My paintings are a representation of this and are meant to lure the viewer deeper in.
My inspiration is born from mother Nature. Hiking for miles surrounded by her beauty regenerates my mind, fills me with gratitude and gives birth to new creations. It brings peace and clarity to my mind and soul.Each moment in mother nature has it’s own beauty. In the same landscape, at different hours of the day it depicts a completely different picture.I capture this in photos of places where the trees speak to me. Sometimes I revisit the same area where I feel a strong connection. I then use the photo as a reference for my painting. Before I begin on the canvas, I already have a strong feeling/mood for the piece. I have a clear head space that allows me to stay present in every part of the painting and set a tone. After the pencil sketch is complete, then I re-sketch it in white molding paste that covers all pencil lines. After this is complete I start painting; using unconventional tools like syringes, pieces of wood, knives, pieces of plastic/cloth. Paintings of a single trunk with character represent a “Portrait”. While forested visuals are more of a “group portrait”.
Emphasis on light shining through the darkness is present in all my paintings. I paint this connection with mother nature by using a panchromatic palette because it allows me to best express the light, and textures. Light and darkness, good and evil exists in every human. They both complement each other. I like to portray the light that exists and overpowers the darkness. One can not exist without the other.
I choose to paint in black and white with a tint of colour. Depicting Mother Nature in black and white enhances the vision of her designs and evokes mystery. I feel that this enhances the vision of nature’s designs, it’s chaotic patterns and complexities.Individual inherent designs (that are not intended) tend to evolve and take you into my work.

Forest and Ocean Gallery
Laguna Beach, California (USA)

Bistango Irvine, California (USA)

OCCA- Orange County Contemporary Art
Santa Ana, California

OCCA- Orange County Contemporary Art
Santa Ana, California

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