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Meredith Howse


Award winning professional Australian Artist Meredith Howse was born in the Northern Territory of Australia.M Howse 055 Mackintyre Sandy Beach 30cm Promo

Artworks: 10

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About Meredith Howse

Meredith spent a idyllic childhood exploring and roaming around N.S.W country towns. A graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney, who has travelled through Asia, Europe, America and Canada. Meredith now resides in Queensland, Australia working full time with artist quality Oil and acrylic colours, using a Alla Prima technique. In 2016 Meredith set out to follow the Brisbane River from its beginnings at Mt Stanley to the end at Moreton Bay, the result was a successful exhibition of 30 paintings. In 2018, Meredith exhibited 90 works in a Solo Exhibition – Sublime Landscape’ at Lockyer Valley Gallery, Queensland. You will notice a few abstract pieces amongst Meredith’s collection as she uses colours from her landscape paintings in loose freed up moments.

“Inspired by the beauty of landscape worldwide, I try to give the landscape paintings a dramatic feel, drawing the viewer into the painting. I want you to feel you are within the painting and feel the cool depths, the power charge of a incoming storm, the warmth of the sun, or the salt in the ocean air”

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