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Marta Blaszak

Brisbane QLD

My earlier realistic works are juxtaposed against my recent works combining abstract fluid acrylics with traditional painting methods often resulting in SFA

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About Marta Blaszak

I am a Visual Artist, based in Brisbane, Australia. and have completed a Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Arts in Berlin as well as a Diploma of Visual Art in 2011. I am now an accomplished artist and teacher, running workshops and am exhibiting throughout South East Queensland.
My earlier works of mostly still life and realism are juxtaposed against my more recent work which combines abstract fluid acrylics with traditional painting methods. Although both styles focus on the natural world, they do so in two strikingly different ways. While my earlier work is controlled and precise, my latest pieces capture and celebrate the unexpected, unique, and sometimes chaotic beauty of nature without trying to contain it.
I am also exploring Small Format Art as acrylic pouring is well suited for smaller art pieces. Being small in size, Small Format Art pieces are usually more affordable and often collectible. They create eye-catching displays when used inventively in your décor on shelfs, mantles, or narrow walls.
If displayed in an eclectic group setting ASF make it easy to change your display and can be moved to suit your moods. Modifying grouping of SFA can add interest to a small wall space. Small Format Art can be the start for your new art collection.

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