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Maria Cross

Melbourne Australia

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About Maria Cross

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my Bio.

Today Maria sees her long-time passion as proof that life keeps happening at any age”. Maria, born in a country town Ballarat (Australia) has reconnected with a long-time happiness of painting, which she links to her childhood days of painting and drawing. Having attended several art training sessions over the years has given her the encouragement and freedom to simply create from the heart as she doesn’t believe there is any right or wrong in art, as each person will view art differently.

Maria says within her art studio, every piece of her art “holds a presence in a pursuit to inspire the heart and turn the eye to a new expression of perfect love and harmony”. Her paintings are bright and happy, this is achieved by combining contrasting colours from her colour palette based on the Feng Shui colour principles which is now part of her new nature abstract range. She likes to interpret nature in most of her paintings, primarily from her imagination, in her own developed unique style by applying spontaneous brush and palette knife strokes that enhances energy, movement and organic shapes. Her art is made up of several layers of paint to create the harmony, movement, depth and texture that she searches for in her paintings be it acrylic or oil paint.

Maria says it is important that her paintings deliver positive energy and sound vibes in any location you choose to display them. The most important thing is that you as a purchaser enjoy the topic and energy her paintings present.

Maria currently spends her time volunteering once a week with women who are undergoing chemotherapy to help them select a wig during their treatment phase. Maria says it is all about making people feel “beautiful” and giving them the confidence and strength during their treatment which can be quiet daunting. It is truly a privilege to be able to assist these beautiful people.

The rest of her time is devoted to her other passions – family and of course creating beautiful art.

Maria says she feels so grateful to be living on this beautiful planet and will continue to express her gratification through colour and movement on a canvas.


Maria Cross

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