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Maggi McDonald


“I create because it is the axis of my spinning wheel”

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About Maggi McDonald

I am an artist & surface designer based in Sydney.

Art has always played a part in my life but it’s not until 4 years ago when I went back to school to study design that I rediscovered my love of painting. I decided to embrace my creative path and I now paint full time.

I am inspired by everything around me. Colour jumps out at me and I see patterns in everything! Nature is a constant inspiration in my work and my brightly coloured abstract gardens and landscapes are inspired by the natural beauty of my adopted country Australia, and South Africa where I grew up.

My style of painting is abstract expressionist with a strong gestural feel. My artworks are intuitive and very much a reflection of my emotions and perceptions of the world and my place in it. I am equally drawn to black & white and brightly coloured palettes.

I enjoy painting in different styles and my style has developed from simple mark making in Surface Design class to a more layered and textured style. I am constantly experimenting with different mediums and paint effects and I love seeing what the paint can do and where it wants me to go.

I love traveling and learning about world cultures and in particular the symbols and patterns used in textiles and art. My black & white artworks are very much a nod to the lines and shapes in African and Peruvian art and structures – my husband is from Peruvian descent and I was lucky enough to travel to Peru & Cuba recently which has provided me with so much inspiration for my work.

When I’m not painting I design surface patterns as a freelance designer.

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