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Lynda Hyde

Blue Mountains, NSW

I have been an artist all my life. I currently produce Hard-Geometric Paintings and Limited Edition Modernist Prints

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About Lynda Hyde

Lynda Hyde’s last exhibition of at the prestigious Anala Art Advisory, Glenbrook NSW, sold out in just 5 days!

Collectors, both in Australia and Asia, snapped up the 12 large bright geometric works and such was the demand, also secured the remaining paintings from her previous exhibition 6 months earlier. We have chosen Art Lovers Australia to release a few early works, limited edition prints and a selection of larger paintings as they become available.

Lynda has had a career in the Arts for 40 years, as an artist, set and costume designer and as a performer in Contemporary Dance, Magic and Mime.

She has worked with her husband Timothy for many years in their entertainment company Achieving the Impossible, travelling and performing Magic and Illusion Shows extensively in Australia and abroad. As well as performing, Lynda was responsible for costume, prop and set design as well as using her design skills in publicity and promotional material. She also freelanced for many other performing artists and companies.

On leaving school she had trained in drafting, leading to a fascination with the geometric form which was explored through painting. From 1978 to 1983 she exhibited at SMAC Gallery in Croydon.

She studied Relief Printing in the late 80’s at Waverley-Woollahra Arts School and in 2011 completed CIV Fine Arts and in 2012 Master Printmaking both at WSI NADC. She is currently experimenting with bold block prints, using positive and negative space, different colour combinations and orientation to trick the eye.

Her popular large hard-edge geometric paintings endeavour to challenge the viewers visual perception. They all share common elements of the Colour Field and Op Art movements.

Her paintings are held in private collections throughout Australia and also feature at several prominent Boutique Hotel properties.

The work grows from the early European pioneers in the field of Perceptual Abstraction; Victor Vasarely, the father of the Op Art movement, and Zanis Waldheims and his “Geometrization of the Exhaustive Thought.”

“I use traditional techniques and equipment from my background in drafting to create hard edged geometric paintings that explore tricks of the eye. Designed to both amuse and bemuse, they also reflect my career in magic and illusion.”

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