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Lucinda Leveille

Gold Coast, Queensland

All artwork is original and individual.
I work in 'series' or themes, following through with an exploration and style, sometimes returning and adding to that family.
Different mediums beg to be used in different ways, so oil paintings and watercolour are applied to bring out their best qualities.

Art works: 22

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About Lucinda Leveille

I always wanted to be an artist, just like Dad. As soon as I could hold a pencil, anything in the house became fair game as I simply had to draw. Straight out of school I gained a place at the National Art School in Sydney and as soon as I finished my five years of training, I moved to the Gold Coast with my parents, I had to - naturally I was a broke artist! I took some work to a gallery in Surfers and was told that I had no talent and to go and find another career. I was devastated, I didn't pick up a brush for nearly 10 years... With much encouragement I began to create again. For me, art has always been about making something pleasing to the eye, something that you can look at everyday and see something new, make your day a little better for having that piece in your life. After all you have to live with that artwork in your life. If I am really successful, it will take the viewer away to another world. I am always looking for new techniques, materials and mediums while continuing to push the boundaries, I paint with groups and spend many solitary hours in my studio. It is all part of my learning process, my journey, what makes me paint the way I paint at this precise moment. I have changed styles over the years, moved through realism, expressionism, impressionism to cubism and back again. It's not to say this won't change, it probably will, you never know where your paintbrush will lead you! The best feeling in the world is when someone chooses one of my pieces for their home, to enrich their life. I just love this quote from Picasso : "The purpose of art is to brush the dust of daily life off our souls". So let's do some brushing !

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