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Lucinda Leveille

Gold Coast, Queensland

” A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing ” – William Dobell.

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About Lucinda Leveille

A curly haired and adventurous three year old Lucinda made an unforgettable entry into the world of art with a pencil and the lounge room wall as her canvas. Her parents soon bought her a blackboard to encourage her budding talent or perhaps had another compelling motive in mind. Even then she knew she wanted to become an artist, just like her father, grandmother and great grandfather. It was in her genes and nothing would deter her. As soon as she was old enough she applied for art school. Competition was fierce, but her talent and determination gained her a place. The 5 year full time classic course included anatomy, perspective and colour theory, subjects that broadened her scope, understanding and experimentation into different styles. On finishing school, Lucinda moved to the Gold Coast where she produced a body of work that she presented to a Surfers Paradise gallery. Shattered when rejected and told she had no talent so should pursue another career, Lucinda didn’t put brush to canvas for 10 years. But you can’t continue to deny what genetics, passion and talent gave you. For Lucinda art is an expression and interpretation that not only pleases the eye but draws out our emotion as we continue to discover the different aspects of what we see. A truly talented artist allows the viewer to escape to their own special place for a little while. Finding new strength, Lucinda continued her studies using different mediums, pushing the boundaries, painting with groups or spending many hours alone in her studio. She has travelled a journey of styles, realism, expressionism and cubism continually changing as the moment and her soul dictated. “You never know where your brush will lead you” she says. The diversity of Lucinda’s body of work is testament to more than her unquestionable talent. It also exposes her understanding of the drawn emotion her brushstrokes impart through the subject on her canvas. Quoting Pablo Picasso “the purpose of art is to brush the dust of daily life off our souls”, Lucinda trusts that her art brings a little bit of peace happiness and love into your life. Many would say she already has.

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