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Lisa Diniotis


Studied in graphic design, I describe myself as a creative soul.  My painting practice is about new beginnings and is influenced by botanical artwork which I translate in an abstract manner.  In every painting I do the focal point is strong bursts of colour to strike emotion and happiness in the viewer.

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About Lisa Diniotis

There is one thing that underlies all work by Lisa Diniotis,  happiness!  Lisa wants to bring joy with each artwork through vibrant bursts of colour that strike an emotion in the viewer.  Derived from her own journey through new beginnings , Lisa’s work explores the search for true happiness and focuses on the positives.  Using deep rich colours, Lisa layers on abstracted florals.  “I like to paint intuitively, and form my heart.  I visualise the colour combinations and let the painting emerge”.  Lisa loves to work on larger scale artworks as she feels the painting has even more of a visual impact and allows for large free flowing content.

Lisa has always had a passion for art and design.  studying art all through high school and majoring in art and design at college, Lisa’s creativeness has been her drive in life eventually pursuing a long career in fashion and styling.  “My burning passion for art has never left me, however now is the time for me to start new and use my life experiences to inspire new and creative artworks”.  With a very strong desire to do what she really wants to do, Lisa has recently started her art practice and has hit the ground running.  She has been featured in the latest edition of Art Edit magazine and has upcoming art show’s that will be featuring some of her latest works.

“Its never to late to pursue your true passion.  In fact I don’t think I would be the artist I am today without the life I have currently lived and the experiences I’ve had to inspire me.  I feel like my work is developing everyday, and I love that I can bring happiness to someone through a piece of artwork”

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