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Leigha White

North Central Victoria

Leigha White lives and works in central Victoria and focuses on various forms of painting and printmaking.

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About Leigha White

Leigha’s practice has seen her painting portraits of notable Australians, and working in printmaking studios in Sydney and Melbourne. She has collaborated with many printmakers over the last 20 years and her work is included in printmedia editions that are now part of permanent collections in galleries and libraries around the world. Her work has been exhibited in the Mosman Art Prize, Salon des Refuses, Portia Geach Memorial Prize and the Naked and Nude Prize. Her personal philosophy as an artist is to pay no attention to restraint. White’s work is very much an extension of herself, interests and personality. It is often a portrayal of life captured in a moment of time, distorted through her lens. “People tend to rationalise the meaning of an artwork by interpreting emotions and clues, these assumptions lead to a narrative and I encourage this process by manipulating compositions”. As a printmaker, White explores the infinite possibilities of the abstract aesthetic and enjoys the freedom it gives her to expand techniques without conventional limits.

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