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Lara Accarias


I work with acrylic paints that I pour over a flat canvas. The technique has to do with using different paint consistencies, and figuring out the angles necessary to get the huge mass of paint to go where I want it to go. The timing throughout the process is crucial, if I get it wrong the entire painting changes. If I do it properly I get to watch beautiful details come out, and I think that some of the paintings actually look better close up. The process is messy and fun, I love it!

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About Lara Accarias

I was born in Adelaide, and raised in British Columbia, Canada. My professional background is in Hospital Social Work/Counselling specialising in Maternity and Orthopaedics. I moved back to Australia over 12 years ago, and it was the best decision I have made. For me, painting is the time when I get to focus only on what I’m trying to create. I use a huge amount of paint for each piece so it is a very messy process. It is a bonus that nobody wants to bother me in my studio because they end up covered in it! The artworks are really fun to do, but because I use such a large amount of paint it requires a lot of focus and timing. If angled poorly things can go very wrong in seconds. The artwork cannot be left for any length of time once I start because the colours can run together, and each piece can take many hours to complete. Each stage is different, some stages require me to run around the table, while at other times I’m simply staring closely at the canvas to gauge how fast the paint is moving. The entire process is relaxing and challenging.

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