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Lana Alsamir-Diamond


Lana made her way here via Product design, and now devotes all her time to her art practice.

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About Lana Alsamir-Diamond

Lana is a Sydney based artist made her way here via Product design, and now devoting all her time to her art practice.

Graphic minimal but bold work that is very personal and reminiscent of the Artist’s life, packed with cultural influences and references.
Silhouettes and composition are the primary interest of the work, a sensitivity for negative space, creates the perfect ground work for colour, that is almost a distraction to the artist but a very welcome one.
“I feel my work is very intuitive and involves a fair amount of restraint, for that reason I sometimes find myself producing work that involves more figurative elements, it is almost an instinctive need to be in control, I love the dialogue that two of my pieces can have in the same space. ”

Medium and process
Lana prefers working on paper, she feels paper is unforgiving and translates her vision beautifully. Work can customised on board or canvas.
The Artist uses hand made, 100% cotton paper, in natural colour with raw edges.
Paints with Japanese ink and only the best quality Acrylic paints.

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