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Kellie North


My photographic images are created mostly to stand on their own as objects of contemplation and visual interest, each image always contains a commentary usually pertaining to the feminine and or emotion.

The evocative effects of my photographs will vary depending upon the interest and experiences a viewer brings to the image.
I find a beautiful collaboration is established between viewer and artist as the viewer enters the sometimes abstract world of each individual image.

As a Visual Artist, I like my images to blur the lines between photography, collage, and painting.
My images are mini stories about human experiences, mostly women.



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About Kellie North

Kellie North – Photographer / Visual Artist

Read the Feature Articles below to get a better insight into myself and my work 🙂

In Focus – A Closer Look at Kellie North

Kellie North – Nature and Feminine form define the work of this Art Photographer

Kellie North is an award-winning photographer and visual artist with a deep desire to connect to nature, to her audience and to herself.  Kellie plays with texture, light, movement and nature, to create evocative figurative imagesthat are connected to the subconscious and thus deeply engaging.

Born in north Queensland, and firmly connected to nature, it wasn’t until Kellie began travelling in 2000 that she picked up a camera and her journey into art began. Kellie used photography to document her travels and the many women she encountered, discovering her own and others’ stories in the process.

Kellie then worked in both wedding and food photography, where she learnt her craft and honed her skills in capturing emotion and constructing elegant compositions. In 2014, she completed a Diploma in Professional Photography and began to see what might be possible in the interplay of digital art and photography.

With a lifelong interest in dance and women’s stories, and wanting to create a piece of art from start to finish without the use of models, Kellie turned to self-portraiture as a form of visual storytelling. She dived into the relationship between nature and femininity: sometimes playful, other times dark and mysterious, yet always conveyed with a strong thread of emotion.

Kellie has had numerous solo exhibitions along with many group shows. Her art sells both nationally and internationally and has featured in publications such as The World of Interiors, Conde Nast UK and Home Design Magazine, Australia. Kellie has also won or been a finalist for numerous awards including the Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne Small Works Art Award 2018 and the Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award

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