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Kellie North


As a conceptual Photographic Artist from Queensland, Australia Kellie has been working with her camera since 2001. Self-taught until graduating from the Institute of Professional Photography in 2014 after which Kellie says she found her voice as an artist. The whole intent of Kellie’s photographic art is storytelling. Rather than reading words, she invites the viewer to evoke their imagination and connect with a story through her images.

Artworks: 126

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About Kellie North

Kellie North – Photographer / Visual Artist

My photographic images are created mostly to stand on their own as objects of contemplation and visual interest, each image always contains a commentary usually pertaining to the feminine and or emotion.

The evocative effects of my photographs will vary depending upon the interest and experiences a viewer brings to the image.

I find a beautiful collaboration is established between viewer and artist as the viewer enters the sometimes abstract world of each individual image.

As a Visual Artist, I like my images to blur the lines between photography, collage, and painting.

My images are mini stories about human experiences, mostly women.
I find women to be intricate and beautiful beings who become the women they are based on experiences they have in their lives.

Mostly though, I look to engage a viewer’s imagination and memories, enabling them to step away from reality, even if it is, just for a moment.

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