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Katrina Okoronkwo

Dee Why NSW

My artwork celebrates the world of dancing. The joy of movement, the beauty of the dancer’s body, and the drama of the stage.

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About Katrina Okoronkwo

I am a fine artist working from my studio in Dee Why on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. My work includes a range of figurative pieces and is in private collections in the USA, UK, West Africa, and across Australia.

My artwork is focused on dancing. I particularly love ballet. The costumes, elite strength of the dancers, and the dramatic lighting.

Dancing is also very emotionally charged. There is tension, pure joy, anticipation, sadness, and love. I want my pieces to convey all the dimensions of the dance world in a very honest & engaging way.

My mediums are traditional oil paints, applied in multiple layers over many days (sometimes months!) to build a rich depth to the figures & costumes. I primarily paint on linen and search for the most stunning picture frames to finish each piece with as much love as possible.

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