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Kati Garrett Filho

Northern Rivers, NSW

Kati Garrett Filho is an emerging Artist from The Far North Coast of NSW who creates illustrative, semi-realistic portraits  in combinations of graphite, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paint.


Artworks: 21

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About Kati Garrett Filho

For many years Kati was a successful (self taught) freelance Graphic Designer, but in 2009 she suffered creative burn out and withdrew from the arts world. Around 2016 she began feeling the urge to draw again and casually started illustrating for print on demand websites and private commissions. This lead to a decision recently to fully invest herself into a career as an Artist.

Kati has found that leading an authentically creative life has been healing and fulfilling.

“My art world is a wonderful place in which I like to immerse myself. When I’m involved in it, I get the sensation that there are no limits, that anything is possible.”

Kati’s inspiration is the human face and form. She loves the simplicity of drawing with pencil and charcoal on paper and how much control it gives her over the finished artwork. She then contrasts the control and detail of the pencil work with fluidity and wildness of watercolour resulting in emotive, ethereal, semi-realistic portraits that often convey a fragility or sensitivity in the subjects.

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