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Kati Garrett Filho

Pottsville NSW

Semi Realistic Artwork that captures the human form.


Artworks: 11

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About Kati Garrett Filho

For many years I was a freelance Graphic Designer, but have found complete delight in returning to creating pieces of art with my hands. This creativity is separate from the real world for me. It’s a wonderful place in which I like to immerse myself. When I’m involved in it, I get the sensation that there are no limits, that anything is possible. My artwork is a part of me in which I can take refuge and feel protected, it allows me to retreat into a world that is kind and reassuring.

My inspiration is the human face and form. I try to draw other objects from time to time but find I get bored, however the human face, eyes, hair, just hold my attention. I love the simplicity of drawing with pencil on paper and how much control it gives me over the finished artwork. It’s amazing how something so simple can produce a really strong image. During the drawing phase I use a full range of pencils from 2H to 6B. I’ll often use black watercolour, acrylic or charcoal for the really dark shadows and back biro or pigment liner for linear work.

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