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Kathleen Rhee


Full time Contemporary Abstract Painter. Inspired by colour, texture and mother nature, I create semi-abstract landscapes representing my local and regional surroundings: incredible coastal and mountain views. I have developed my own fluid, intuitive process of layering using a mix of  acrylic, ink, dry pigments, and water.

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About Kathleen Rhee

My journey to becoming an artist….
It was alway my being, something like the saying I didn’t have a choice…it choose me, but it all came easy to me, painting, drawing anything creative I loved it. At about 15 I decide I wanted to be a painter. Now all these years later I don’t even know how I could do anything else even if I tried. I grew up in a very creative family, my dad a talented illustrator who love the arts he was a trained old time traditional sign writer, everything was done perfectly by hand……the days of no computers or copiers. I trained with him for a few years after I left high school then I decided I wanted to study over seas, I was very lucky to end up Parsons Design School in New York City. My study was half traditional illustration, design and half computer graphics. I worked in the advertising and design industry for many years but I really was desperate to get back to painting.  I moved to Canberra 16 years ago, it was then that I decided focus on painting and continue my study to build my foundation skills and style.
What drives my work….
Painting is definitely expressing my true nature. I have always been obsessed with colour, that is something so important in my life, I really feel colour, it is always telling me a story, influencing my mood, I find it useful and very important in my everyday life. I am also extremely attached and connected to nature, I find peace and tranquillity out in nature, this drives me to bring it into our everyday lives inside. The world can be a hard, stressful place and I really feel our surroundings can make a difference. We spend so much time indoors I believe having art we love to look at everyday, can make a big difference, influencing our mood, making us happier and calmer.
My techniques……
I use water colour paper and canvas with acrylic paint, ink and water. My process is a combination of watercolour staining, sketching, painting with a with a brush and then applying water to soften and blend. Sometimes this happens immediately and sometimes it takes a few layer before I feel the work is done. I like both results, a one layer process has a very crisp special quality but the layered work has texture, a feel of age and history.
Painting Delivery…..
For peace of mind I use a Professional Art Delivery Service. Delivery may take upto 2 weeks, you will be notified of your exact delivery day and time after purchase. Alternatively, if you need your painting faster I can organise a commercial parcel delivery service, please let Art Lovers Australia know at time of purchase.

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