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Kathleen Rhee


Kathleen is a full time Contemporary Painter. Influenced by her surroundings and a deep connection to place. Her studio is situated on Jerrabomberra Mountain with magnificent views to the Nations Capital, the Brindabella Ranges and beyond, a extremely peaceful place of natural beauty.

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About Kathleen Rhee

My Story…….

Art comes naturally to me, it was always in my being. I don’t know how I could do anything else even if I tried.

My earliest memory as an artist is when I was 4 years old. I was trying to draw my house and garden but didn’t understand how to draw the sky when it’s all around us.

At 15, we were painting large canvases in art class and I decided I wanted to be a painter, just like Picasso, Klimt, or Matisse!

I grew up in a creative family, my dad a talented illustrator who love the arts. He was a traditional sign writer, everything done perfectly by hand. I trained with him for a few years after high school before deciding to study overseas. My study, at Parsons Design School in New York City, was half traditional illustration, design and half computer generated art.

I worked in advertising, publishing and the design industry for many years but I was desperate to get back to painting. I moved to Canberra 17 years ago, it was then that I decided to focus on my painting and continue my study building my foundation skills and style further. Now I divide my time painting between my studio situated on Jerrabomberra Mountain with magnificent views to the Nation’s Capital, the Brindabella Ranges and the far south New South Wales Coast, both extremely peaceful places of natural beauty.

When I am painting, I let the intuitive process take over. I paint on canvas with acrylic paint and water. My process is a combination of colour staining, sketching, painting with a with a brush and then applying water to soften, blend, layer and splatter. Sometimes it happens immediately, or sometimes it takes a few layers before I feel the work is done. I like both results, a one layer process has a very crisp special quality but the layered work has texture, a feel of age and history.

Painting is definitely expressing my true nature. I have always been obsessed with colour, that is something very important in my life. I feel colour, it is always telling me a story and influencing my mood. I have a deep connection to nature, it brings me peace and tranquillity and that drives me to bring it into our everyday lives inside. The world can be a hard, stressful place and our surroundings can make a difference. We spend so much time indoors I believe having art we love to look at everyday, can make a big difference, influencing our mood, making us happier and calmer.

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