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Kate Owen

North Star NSW

I’m Kate Owen, I am an abstract artist living in Northern NSW. Married to a farmer, mother of boys and perpetual entrepreneur sharing my creative soul on the canvas.


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About Kate Owen

Artist Statement – Kate Owen

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world – Brene Brown

I enjoy the pure naive act of splashing paint on paper or canvas combined with line and shape to create a loose organic statement with movement.

I am greatly influenced by nature and it’s patterns, shapes and colours. My work is an expression of my emotions and memories of things I see in the landscape around me.

I use acrylics on canvas and paper because I love the way they allow me to work quickly. I can achieve a variety of different finishes by diluting or adding mediums to the paint to create textural effects and contrasts in opacity.

I always start with experimentation of colour palettes on paper sometimes these are works of art in themselves. I love contrasts of thick vivid and luscious colours with pale and transparent layers. Mixing colours directly on the canvas gives a new and unexpected result each time.

The outcome is never apparent from the start some paintings have many layers beneath which gives the final work more complexity especially when glimpses of previous layers are left.

I am particularly inspired by Elisabeth Cummings and her use of colour, line, texture and scratching back to create incredibly in depth work. She states: ”When I get going the painting has its own life and starts demanding certain things of itself.” This resonates with me completely as often I feel that the painting controls me and not the other way around.

I grew up on a property in northern NSW but have lived and worked in cities and overseas but eventually came back to the country as I love the space living rurally allows me both mentally and physically. I have worked in fashion design, gifts and home-wares and baking amongst other things but always with a creative bent. I believe all these things make me the person I am today to be able to create work uniquely mine.

I have been a part of the Goondiwindi Aspects Art Show for many years as curator but in recent years have started to exhibit work and have been the recipient of: The Goondiwindi Engineering Acquisition Prize 2018, Drawing and Graphics 1st prize 2017. Most recently I received 2nd prize in the Open Section Inverell Art Prize exhibition 2018. In March 2019 I have been invited to do my first solo exhibition at the Makers Shed in Glenn Innes.

Painting or creating gives my mind a rest from constant thinking, organisation and stresses of daily life, it is the only time my brain totally switches off and my heart takes over. I aspire to provoke uplifting feelings in people viewing my work through colour and hope to convey my own emotion woven into the painting.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life – Pablo Picasso


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