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Johanna Wilbraham


Johanna is a Contemporary British Artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Graduating with a Fine Art Degree in 2008, she has since exhibited across the UK and Europe, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Artworks: 23

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About Johanna Wilbraham

In love with the thought of giving significance to the seemingly insignificant, Johanna aims to draw attention to those moments that would otherwise go unseen. Vulnerability and fragility, often concerning the female form and image, along with self-image, are Johanna’s favourite topics.

“I consider my fascination with painting women like a beast I have yet to tame. I feel both frustrated by many representations of women in the media, and yet also influenced and shaped by them. I am certainly interested in beauty, but of a more imperfect kind.”

The painting process sets Johanna apart as a unique contemporary portrait artist. Rarely using a paint brush, Johanna uses jars and jugs to pour diluted paint on to canvas in a series of complex and translucent layers. Finer detail is achieved through the use of a pipette. She creates a discourse with the viewer using a contrast between the controlled and uncontrolled, the organised and the instinctual application of paint. In this respect, her large scale portraits have a semi-abstract feel and are highly spontaneous.

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