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Jing Tian

Wollongong NSW

Her preference is for landscapes, seascapes, portraits and still life, depending on what she sees and how she feels at the time. A photograph provides the detail, a painting captures the feeling.

When you look close at a painting, there is so much more to see and feel. The brush strokes tell a lot about the energy and emotion behind the painting. Her art is an expression of her emotion.

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About Jing Tian

JING SAYS: “Since I was a small child, I have had a yearning to express my thoughts and feelings of the things I see through art. Now I do that. I am able to spend time developing my own techniques and abilities. At the same time, through the internet, I can see the work of like-minded people around the world. This gives positive reinforcement and helps me to realise the relevance of my work.

There are always things to celebrate in life and painting helps me to see these more clearly. So making and viewing art has had a huge impact on my confidence and my sense of well-being. Most of my works are derived from nature settings; almost everydayness, but bringing out the simple forms, colours and textures that are easily overlooked. Sometimes almost in abstraction. This may not happen easily. I make myself take the time to really see and to try to capture a snapshot of life in nature. Most times I look and move on, but sometimes I have to linger and put brush to canvas with an urgency I cannot ignore, regardless of what is going on around me.”

Jing’s exhibits both nationally and internationally. Jing’s work is in many private collections all over the world.

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